Iglesia de Santa Ana in Sabaneta


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Sabaneta, Antioquia


7am to 7pm
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Iglesia de Santa Ana in Sabaneta

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Historic Roman Catholic in Sabaneta

Iglesia de Santa Ana is a remarkable and historic Roman Catholic church located in Sabaneta. The church is a must-see attraction for visitors to the Medellín metro area. Iglesia de Santa Ana holds immense cultural and religious significance for the local community. Every Tuesday, thousands of devotees from across the region flock to Iglesia de Santa Ana, making it an active place of spiritual activity.
Situated next to Parque Sabaneta, one of the most popular parks in the Medellín metro area, Iglesia de Santa Ana enjoys a prime location. This proximity to the park adds to the church’s allure, attracting both locals and tourists alike.

The history of the church

The history of Iglesia de Santa Ana dates back to August 27, 1896 when its construction commenced on land owned by Luis María Montoya Restrepo. The church was completed in 1930 under the guidance of architect Ramón Molina. However, in 1962, an earthquake caused significant damage, leading to extensive repairs and renovations.
A remarkable event occurred on September 10, 1968, during a Tuesday Mass celebrated by Father Arcila. Parishioners reported witnessing the appearance of the Virgin Mary. This event marked the beginning of a tradition where thousands of devotees visit the church every Tuesday to seek blessings and fulfill their prayers. Numerous reports suggest that favors have been granted, leading to the recognition of these occurrences as miracles.
In 1990, Iglesia de Santa Ana was consecrated as the Marian Sanctuary of the Archdiocese of Medellín, further solidifying its significance within the religious community.

The beautiful interior of the church

Stepping inside Iglesia de Santa Ana reveals a stunning interior adorned in white with gold and pink accents. The church boasts an impressive collection of religious artwork, including an Italian image of Santa Ana, generously donated by Elvira and Leonor Cano Villegas. Additionally, the church features beautiful stained-glass windows that enhance the spiritual ambiance.

Parque Sabaneta

Adjacent to Iglesia de Santa Ana lies Parque Sabaneta, arguably the most picturesque city park in the Medellín metro area. The daily life in Sabaneta revolves around this one-square-block plaza adorned with trees providing ample shade. The park is surrounded by various small restaurants, bars, and shops, making it a vibrant hub of social activity.
During weekends, Parque Sabaneta comes alive as families and visitors from across the Medellín metro area gather to enjoy the park’s offerings. The nearby streets host stands selling typical street food and arts and crafts, while small rides cater to the entertainment of young children. Considered a convenient meeting place by the locals, Parque Sabaneta also serves as the epicenter of public events in Sabaneta, occasionally hosting outdoor concerts and an annual Christmas lights display.

Getting There & Parking​

Reaching Iglesia de Santa Ana is straightforward and easy. One can take the Medellín metro Line A south to the Sabaneta station. From the Sabaneta station, a pleasant 10-minute walk east will lead visitors to Parque Sabaneta and Iglesia deSanta Ana.

Alternatively, there are frequent and affordable metro buses available, which transport passengers between the Sabaneta metro station and Parque Sabaneta. The buses drop passengers about a block away from the park.

For those who prefer taxis, any taxi driver in Medellín will be familiar with the location of Parque Sabaneta. Catching a taxi at the park is also convenient, ensuring easy transportation to and from Iglesia de Santa Ana.

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