Arriving in Medellin

One of the biggest factors of why tourism is exploding in Medellin is because of the affordability of flights going into the city. If you’re traveling from the US, some of the popular airlines you could take would be Spirit, COPA or Jetblue which have reasonably affordable tickets. The airlines will have connecting flights in Fort Lauderdale International Airport in Florida. From FLL Airport it’ll be a little over 3 hours before you arrive in Medellin Airport.
Traveling from Outside the US (Europe, Caribbean Islands) you will find that Avianca, British Airways or Iberia have affordable flights to Medellin. Most coming airlines coming from Europe have connecting flights in Bogota the immigration line and process typically takes up to 1 hour. The flight from Bogota to Medellin is about 1 hour.

Medellin’s main airport; Aeropuerto Internacional Jose Maria Cordova which is located Rio Negro, a city about 45 minutes (30km / 21 miles) outside the City of Medellin.


Prior to 2019 travelers used to fill out an immigration paper form on the flight to Colombia. This form was required information to get through immigration and asked basic information like: how long are you staying for, reason for your visit, how much cash are you claiming, etc.. Colombia immigration changed the process to be 100% electronic which is now called Check-Mig. Which asks the same questions on their website Check-Mig

The Check-Mig is required prior to checking-in with your airline, and you will need to provide proof of your registration which is provided via email or pdf download. You can complete the Check-Mig registration 72 hours prior to boarding

Immigration Process

The immigration process is fairly quick other than the typical long lings. When you finally get to the immigration officer at the desk, they will ask you for basic travel information: Passport, Length of Stay, Where are you staying, Why you are visiting Colombia, make sure you say just tourism. If you say anything else for ex. Business they will grill you. It’s very rare they will ask you for a return flight. Once you answer the questions, they will register you into the system, and then stamp your passport with a 90 Day Visa. There’s no fee you need to pay for the Visa. If you enjoy Colombia you can look into extending your tourist visa another 90 days or get long term visa.

From the Airport to Medellin

As you exit the immigration process, you’ll go through large door through a crowd of people waiting for their friends, family, loved ones, etc.. You can exit through sliding doors which is located on the right. Once you have exited the airport, you will have a few options to get you to the city of Medellin, below are a break down of your options:

White Taxi: Once you have exited the airport there will be numerous people approaching you, asking if you want a Taxi. Make sure you get a White Taxi, as they’re flat rate into Medellin. The Taxis will take you directly to your Hotel, Hostel or Airbnb location. Most of them are know where the hotels are, but if you’re staying in an Airbnb or Hostel. You may need to show them the address so they can add to the GPS.  

Price: 95 mil ($20 USD)
Hours: 24/7 

Taking the Bus:  There is a bus service called ComBuses that takes people directly into Medellin. The bus service runs 24 hours a day from the Airport to San Diego Neighborhood in Medellin, which is conveniently close to a lot of the tourist spots. The following are destinations the bus will stop at (Nutibara Hotel & San Diego Mall):

Nutibara Carrera Hotel (Carrera 50a #53-13): It’ll drop you off behind the hotel. So if you’re booked with Nutibara hotel, it’ll be super easy trip for you.  

Hours from Nutibara Hotel:  Starts from 3:30am to 10pm (leaves every 20 minutes)

San Diego Mall (Calle 36 #45-14): The bus will drop you off at San Diego Mall which is a popular mall here in Medellin, you can take a yellow taxi from that to your destination. 

Hours from San Diego Mall: Starts from 3:20am leaves every (20 minutes)  

 13 mil ($3 USD*) – Children are free up to 2yrs old. 
Hours from Airport: 24/7 

Private Driver: If you’re the type that needs first class; service. You can get a personal driver to pick you up from the gate, normally these people will be holding up a sign with your name on it. They will help you with your bags and walk you to their car. The price varies on the private driver but typically isn’t much more than a white taxi fare.

Price: Varies (95 – 120 mil+)

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