Tony Hawk Visits Medellin for Health Tourism

Imagine combining your passion for adventure with a journey of self-care and rejuvenation. Picture exploring a vibrant city while also receiving top-tier medical care. Well, this dream became a reality for the legendary skateboarder Tony Hawk, who recently embarked on a remarkable health tourism experience in Medellin, Colombia. Feeling the adrenaline rush of skateboarding and […]

Drugs and Suicide in Medellin: A Critical Analysis

On January 19, Medellin was shaken by a distressing incident: a 41-year-old foreigner jumped from the top floor of the El Dorado Hotel in the Laureles located at Carrera 70. This tragic event occurred in the afternoon and quickly became the center of attention, both on the ground and on social media. Witnesses, instead of […]

Over 30 Tourists Dead in Medellin in 2023

30 Tourists Dead in Medellin

In a tragic event that has shocked the tourism industry in Medellin, it has been reported that over 30 tourists have lost their lives in Medellin in 2023. These incidents, which include various causes of death, have raised concerns about the safety of tourists visiting this popular Colombian city. Key Takeaways: 31 foreign tourists have […]

Bullet Train from Medellin to Bogota: How Soon Can it Happen?

Bullet Train from Medellin to Bogota

The prospect of a bullet train connecting Medellin to Bogota is causing excitement in Colombia, as it holds the promise of revolutionizing transport in the country. With travel times between the two cities potentially reduced to just three hours, the high-speed train project is gaining momentum. The project has identified four potential routes for the […]

El Centro Medellin Shopping Extended Hours

The Municipality of Medellin is excited to announce the implementation of the “Centro Abierto de Domingo a Domingo” (Open Center from Sunday to Sunday) strategy in December, providing extended hours for El Centro Medellin Shopping. With over 20 participating shopping malls in the La Candelaria neighborhood, visitors can now enjoy the convenience of extended hours […]

IKEA Launches Their First Store in Colombia

Ikea Colombia

IKEA, the renowned furniture retailer, has made its grand entrance into the Colombian market with the opening of its first store in Bogotá. This much-awaited expansion brings a wide range of stylish and affordable furniture options to Colombian consumers, revolutionizing the home decor landscape. The newly opened store, located at the Mall Plaza NQS shopping […]

Controversy in Colombia: Public Sexual Acts Prompt Legal and Social Repercussions

In a recent and controversial incident in Itagüí, Colombia, social media erupted with comments and concerns after a video surfaced showing a couple engaging in oral sex at the Obrero de Itagüí park. This event has sparked a debate over public decency, privacy rights, and legal consequences. The … You need to be a premium […]

Investing in Medellin’s Booming Real Estate Market

Medellin Real Estate

Are you looking to invest in the thriving real estate market of Medellin? With its booming economy and attractive investment opportunities, Medellin has become a hotspot for both local and foreign investors. The Colombian government has implemented policies to encourage foreign investment and offers no specific restrictions for foreign investors in Medellin real estate. As […]

Living in Medellin Short Term Rentals

Living in Medellin Short Term Rental

Thinking of living in Medellin? Whether you’re planning a short stay or considering a long-term investment, this vibrant Colombian city has an array of options for you to explore. From luxury accommodations to budget-friendly rentals, Medellin has something to suit every traveler’s needs. Medellin’s remarkable transformation from a once-dangerous city to an attractive investment hub […]

Best City to Retire for Cheap: Medellin, Colombia

Retire Cheap Medellin Colombia

Are you dreaming of a retirement filled with adventure, excellent healthcare, and affordable living expenses? Look no further than Colombia! This vibrant country offers a plethora of retirement options, from charming towns to bustling cities. And when it comes to retiring on a budget, Medellín is the place to be. With its stunning mountain views, […]

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