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Experience Art and Culture at Palacio Nacional Shopping Center

Palacio Nacional shopping center, located in the heart of Medellín, is not just a place to buy shoes and clothes,.

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Being a Digital Nomad in Medellin

As a Digital Nomad lifestyle becomes increasingly popular, many professionals are leaving their traditional office jobs behind in favor of.

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Cracking Down on Sex Tourism

The city of Medellín has been gaining popularity as a destination for sex tourism, which has given rise to sexual.

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Medellin awarded the Best Emerging Destination in South America

Medellin has been awarded the Best Emerging Destination in South America by the World Travel Awards, also known as the.

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Guatapé El Peñol: A Tourist Attraction Turned into a Porn Set

Guatapé, a small municipality in Eastern Antioquia, Colombia, is known for its beautiful landscapes and tourist attractions. One of the.

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Dian Verifies Compliance with Electronic Invoicing Regulations

The Directorate of Taxes and National Customs (Dian) is cracking down on non-compliance with electronic invoicing regulations in commercial establishments..

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Recharge your Medellin Civica Card via Digital Wallet

Medellín Metro has announced a new digital recharge option for its Cívica card, a transport card used by millions of.

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JetSmart Airline´s Operation in Colombia

JetSMART to Enter 27 Domestic Routes in Colombia after Endorsement by Aerocivil JetSMART, a Chilean low-cost airline, has received approval.

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Testing the Waters: Medellín’s 10-Day Electric Bus Pilot on Inter-Municipal Route

Medellín, the second largest city in Colombia, is taking a significant step towards sustainable transportation with its first electric bus.

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Tourists Visiting Medellin Can Get Refund on VAT

Medellín, has become a preferred destination for national and foreign visitors. To further promote the arrival of more international tourists,.

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