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Davivienda and Binance Pilot Crypto in Colombia

Cryptocurrencies continue to boom and their use keeps growing in many countries. Colombia is not far behind and now there is a new cryptocurrency exchange project. The Colombian bank Davivienda is the only one in Latin America with an active blockchain and Binance has joined them to start a pilot plan for banking operations with […]

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Daniel Quintero is the Mayor with the Greatest Disapproval in the History of Medellín

In the recent Invamer poll, the disapproval of Mayor Daniel Quintero remained almost intact. The measurement last October had shown a disapproval of 51% and this new survey showed that 50% of the citizens in Medellín disapprove of his mandate. Also, his approval continued to fall and it went from 45% to 44%. It should […]

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Concern in Medellín Over the High Theft of Water Meters

Between July 2021 and March 2022, it is estimated that in the cities of Medellín and Bello, thieves have stolen approximately 1,770 water meters. This affects families not only because they lose their water meter, but also because they have to replace it with their own money. What is the Cause of These Thefts? There […]

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Cyber Scam: Beware of Phishing from Colombia Migracion

Social networks and the internet provide many advantages, but at the same time, these are places where criminals are in search of people to steal their passwords or money from. In Colombia, cybercriminals are currently using a new form of scam to rob travelers coming from abroad. Here you can find out what it is […]

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The True Story Behind La Arbolada in Medellín

Medellín is popular for its colorful and light-filled Decembers. During Christmas, the city is full of decorations and ornaments that create a cozy and emotional atmosphere. One of the most characteristic dates of this season is La Arbolada, which occurs at midnight on December 1th, welcoming the start of December. However, the origin of this […]

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The Ruta N Intiative: Bringing Hope to Entrepreneurs in Medellin

The hallmark of any healthy economy is the presence of opportunities for enterprise and investment. As long as people know that their efforts, as long as they are appropriately directed and effective, will bear fruit, they will be willing to put in the time and effort required to succeed. The authorities of Medellin are well […]

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Colombia Reverts Airline Tax Changes to Pre-Covid Levels

During the Covid 19 pandemic, travel restrictions were placed on many, if not most, countries worldwide. As an obvious consequence, industries that depend on people’s travels for their welfare were hardest hit. The airline industry was particularly hard hit, as they managed with notoriously slim profit margins even during regular times. One of the measures […]

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Hard Times: Price Increases to Expect in Colombia for 2023

However optimistic you might be as a person, it’s clear to see that 2023 will be a year with its fair share of challenges for the average Colombian. We can expect to see increases in the price of products and services and across the board that are bound to leave an impact on our budgets. […]

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Vice Mayor of Punta Cana got robbed in Medellin

The vice mayor of Punta Cana, Angela Rivera, recently fell victim to a millionaire robbery in Medellin, Colombia. She reported to the National Police that thieves had stolen over $10,000 worth of belongings from her while she was on vacation with her family. Despite this, she expressed satisfaction with the country’s beauty and the warmth […]

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Lleras Park: Even as The Year Ends, Renovations Remain Incomplete

Residents of Medellin were promised that the new Lleras Park would be ready to open by the end of 2022, but for the third time, they have been left disappointed. The new target is set for 30 January 2023. As 2022 came to its end, the local authorities were working on completing work on Lleras […]

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