The Approval of President Petro Rose 2 Points According to a Survey

The Approval of President Petro Rose 2 Points According to a Survey

An Invamer survey showed that the popularity of President Gustavo Petro remained stable during the month of December. President Petro’s approval rose 2 points and reached 48%. On the other hand, the survey also indicated that 44% of Colombians disapprove of the president’s management.

What Do Colombians Think?

The image of President Gustavo Petro remained stable in the results of the most recent Invamer survey published on December 14, the last measurement of the year on Colombians’ perception of issues of national interest. When asked “in general, do you approve or disapprove of the way in which Gustavo Petro is carrying out his work as President of Colombia?”, 48% of those consulted indicated that they approve of the president’s administration.

This statistic remained close to the average that had been reported in the October survey when the measurement stood at 46%. That means that it rose two percentage points. 44% of those consulted expressed a feeling of disapproval of Petro’s management in the Casa de Nariño, a participation that increased by four percentage points in relation to the previous report. This survey was carried out by Invamer, a market researcher in Medellín.

However, during his presidential term Petro had better indicators. With this result, Petro is eight percentage points below his best poll, since in August his approval rating was 56%. During that same month, he also had his lowest level of disapproval, which was 20%. In other words: now the Colombians who disapprove of the management of the “government of change” are more than twice the number of those who rejected it when that period began.

Invamer data was collected from 1,200 surveys applied between December 2 and 11 in the cities of Bogotá, Medellín, Cali, Barranquilla, and Bucaramanga.

Petro’s Government Image

48% of those consulted stated that they had a favorable image of Vice President Francia Márquez, participation that fell two percentage points from the 50% that it had registered in October. In contrast, 25% said they had an unfavorable image, an indicator that also rose two percentage points.

66% of the people who were consulted said they agreed with the premise of “the Colombian Government will be able to return the lands to the farmers displaced by violence”, while 33% indicated they disagreed. The topic of agrarian reform for the redistribution of land has been one of the main issues on the president’s agenda.

This investigation published by Invamer is the last of 2022 and shows what is the perception of Colombians about the left-wing administration that since August 7 – when it arrived at the Casa de Nariño – has already processed a Tax Reform and a new Law of Public Order for “total peace”.

For the year 2023, Colombians expect new reforms and measures from the government, especially some that can counteract the inflation that the country is facing. It will be necessary to wait for a couple of months to see how the country’s approval continues changing and if it benefits Petro’s government.

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