Colombiamoda 2024 : Medellin Largest Fashion Expo


23 July, 2024 -
25 July, 2024

09:00 -

Colombiamoda 2024 : Medellin Largest Fashion Expo

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Colombiamoda 2024 in Medellín at Plaza Mayor stands as a pivotal event for the fashion industry, uniting the region’s fashion ecosystem with a vibrant display of creativity and innovation. This expo, in tandem with Colombiatex, kick-starts the textile chain’s business activities for the latter half of the year, offering unparalleled commercial opportunities, brand positioning, and industry insights. With over three decades of experience, Inexmoda, the organizing body, champions the growth and evolution of the Colombian and Latin American Fashion System through innovative strategies that resonate with knowledge and adaptability.

This event is a must-attend for fashion industry professionals, including designers, buyers, suppliers, and entrepreneurs looking to immerse themselves in effective connections, inspirational spaces, and the latest fashion expressions. Attendees can expect to engage with over 593 national and international exhibitors, partake in networking opportunities, and gain insights from industry leaders to propel their businesses into competitive and sustainable futures. Colombiamoda 2024 not only celebrates the talent and creativity that Colombia offers to the world but also emphasizes sustainability, with initiatives promoting circularity and eco-friendly practices. Whether you’re a seasoned industry veteran or a budding entrepreneur, this expo is your gateway to the heart of fashion innovation and business opportunities.

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