Expocamacol 2024: Construction & Engineering Expo


21 August, 2024 -
24 August, 2024

10:30 -

Expocamacol 2024: Construction & Engineering Expo

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Join us from August 21 to 24, 2024, at Plaza Mayor-Medellín for EXPOCAMACOL, the paramount gathering for the construction industry’s luminaries. This biennial International Fair of Construction, Engineering, Architecture, and Design is a cornerstone event in Colombia, showcasing a comprehensive array of products and services vital for the construction sector’s advancement.

EXPOCAMACOL stands as the premier platform for professionals and businesses within the construction value chain to explore a vast selection of suppliers, innovative products, and services. The event is designed to foster an environment ripe for strategic alliances and commercial engagements, offering over 230 forums for learning, including conferences, talks, and live demonstrations.

As Medellín shines as the host city, renowned for its dynamic economic landscape and as a hub for the Fourth Industrial Revolution in Colombia, attendees will experience firsthand the city’s competitive infrastructure and high quality of life. With eight exhibition pavilions, 335 exhibitors from 17 countries, and an expected footfall of 45,000 visitors, this fair promises unparalleled networking opportunities, making over 30,000 business contacts, and welcoming 1,478 international visitors from 47 countries.

Who Should Attend? This event is a must-visit for industry professionals eager to stay abreast of the latest trends and innovations in construction, engineering, architecture, and design. Whether you’re looking to forge new business relationships, gain insights from over 200 accredited journalists, or engage in 2,000+ business meetings, EXPOCAMACOL is your gateway to the future of construction.

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