Medellin Tattoo Expo 2024


24 May, 2024 -
26 May, 2024

12:00 -

Medellin Tattoo Expo 2024

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Join us for the landmark 14th edition of the Tattoo Expo Medellín at Plaza Mayor, a showcase of artistic talent and innovation in the heart of Medellín. This year, we’re expanding our horizons with the introduction of the white room, elevating our total to an impressive 418 stands. This expansion offers an enhanced experience for both exhibitors and attendees, featuring a spacious commercial exhibition area, an engaging entertainment zone, a comprehensive industry expo, and a specialized fair for PMU (permanent makeup and its various branches). Indulge in a variety of food and drink options at our bar area, making your visit a memorable one.

This event, founded by Luis Alejandro Páez, also known as @AlejoSpiderman, marks a significant milestone in the tattoo community not only in Medellín but across Colombia. Alejo, the pioneer of tattoo events in the country and the organizer of the international convention of tattoo artists in Bogotá, recognized Medellín’s potential for hosting large-scale events. He admired the city’s artistic talent, infrastructure, and welcoming climate, which led to the creation of the first Medellín Tattoo Expo in October 2010. Since then, the Expo has grown into a mega event of international acclaim, attracting artists from various disciplines such as sculpture, painting, caricature, music, body painting, and body modification.

We invite you to be part of the history and tradition of the Medellín Tattoo Expo. Experience the rich culture of tattoo artistry and more in an event that celebrates creativity, talent, and community.

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