Music Icon Week


23 October, 2023 -
26 October, 2023

10:00 -

Music Icon Week

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On October 23, the 2023 rendition of the Icon Awards is set to grace Plaza Mayor, a venue that stands as a testament to the creative endeavors of artists, influencers, and notable personalities within the country.

The ceremony is poised to showcase a glamorous red carpet event, followed by accolades being presented to artists spanning a myriad of styles, amidst an evening pulsating with live performances, musical renditions, and artistic exhibitions.
The inception of the Icon Awards was fueled by a desire to honor the artists whose daily creative outputs enrich our lives. It reflects a gesture of respect and appreciation for their relentless efforts, while also serving as a platform to acknowledge international artistic prowess.

With each iteration, we diligently strive to uphold this ethos, harboring a forward-looking vision and investing immense passion in orchestrating the event, driven by our profound love for the artistic realm.

Looks like its not open to the public until October 24th on Tuesday. 

Weekly Agenda:
– Workshop on Business and Digital Fame
– Music Conference
– Icon Party
– Music Icon Awards Ceremony
– Announcement of 16 Artists

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