Watch The Super Bowl and 2×1 Wings at PhillySteaks


11 February, 2024 -
11 February, 2024

18:00 -

Watch The Super Bowl and 2x1 Wings at PhillySteaks

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As the NFL season winds to a close, and the NFC and AFC championship games are in the books, it’s time to start planning for the Super Bowl. This year, there is only one place to watch the game and get a chance to meet other expats from various walks of life. 

Though the game will be played in Las Vegas at Allegiant Stadium, Medellin.co will be hosting a watch party at the famous Philly Steaks in the Manila neighborhood on Sunday Feb. 11th, with kickoff at 6:30PM. There will be wing and draft beer specials all day, and you can even try their new menu items. 

The matchup

The Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers are the teams playing in the big game this year. This will mark the second time in 4 years these 2 teams will match up in the Super Bowl. Both teams have had up and down seasons, led by their quarterbacks who are very alike, but very different. Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes is a high energy leader who has won 2 super bowls, and does everything in a very flashy way. The 49ers QB Brock Purdy was the last player taken in the 2022 NFL draft, a draft position labeled “Mr. Irrelevant” because of the near impossible odds of success. He is a quiet, but effective leader. 

A Swift injection of attention

Chief’s TE Travis Kelce has brought national attention to this season with the addition of his girlfriend, Grammy award winning superstar Taylor Swift, who will undoubtedly be in attendance, and the camera will be on her frequently. So if you are a Switfie, you can join us and try and convert us all. 

A taste of Philly

In addition to a great game and delicious food, you can also mingle with other expats and talk about football (or Taylor Swift), but if you’re not a sports fan, that’s ok, the ambience is friendly to both sports fans and non-sports fans alike. Besides, there seems to be a dedicated fan base dedicated to watching the commercials. No matter what your speed, there will be something for everyone. 

Personally, I am a lifelong fan of the 49ers, and I’ll be there to root on the Niners, and look forward to talking football with anyone. Come by and have any of the delicious food items, and if you’re a tourist come and chat with everyone and get answers to your questions about Medellin, and network with like-minded people. 

Space is limited, so send a message via Whatsapp to Philly Steaks at +573026960005 to reserve your space today. Traditionally Philly Steaks has been the best place to watch the Super Bowl and this year you can join Medellin.co and talk about life in this beautiful city, Taylor Swift or why Brock Purdy is hated by the media. We look forward to seeing you all there.

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