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Juan “Hulk” Bio: Massage Therapist & MMA Muay Thai Boxer in Medellín

When he’s not showcasing his prowess in the MMA Muay Thai ring, Juan “Hulk” devotes his time to the art and science of massage therapy. With a deep-rooted understanding from personal sports-related injuries, Juan has cultivated a passion for therapeutic massage. His 3 years of hands-on experience coupled with his athletic background gives him a unique perspective on the body, its strengths, vulnerabilities, and its incredible capacity to heal. Juan speaks some English, its not perfect but he’s able to communicate.

Services Offered:

Physical Toena Cupping: An ancient technique believed to promote circulation and alleviate muscle tension.
Therapy Massage: Tailored sessions that address both physical and emotional imbalances.
Sports Massage: Specifically designed for those with an active lifestyle, this massage focuses on stressed muscles from repetitive movements.
Relaxing Massage: Perfect for winding down and shedding the stresses of daily life.
Chiropractic Adjustments: Spinal and musculoskeletal realignments that promote optimal health.
Deep Tissue Massage: A technique focusing on the deeper layers of muscle tissue to release chronic tension.
Nerve Massage: Specialized massage targeting nerve-related discomfort.
Chinese Chi Massage Energy: Harnessing the power of life force energy to balance and invigorate.
Acupuncture: An ancient Chinese medicinal art, Juan has been refining his skills in this for the past 6 months.
Moxibustion Massage: Utilizing the Moxa herb, this technique stimulates blood circulation and promotes natural healing.


Juan “Hulk” takes his role as a massage therapist seriously, ensuring he is well-certified in various modalities to provide the best care to his clients.

Service Area

Juan is flexible and available for appointments throughout Medellín, including areas such as Poblado, Envigado, and Laureles.

Balancing life as an MMA Muay Thai boxer and a massage therapist might seem like a contrast for many, but for Juan “Hulk”, the two worlds blend seamlessly. Understanding the strains and demands of competitive sports, Juan brings a unique empathetic approach to his therapeutic sessions. Whether you’re an athlete or someone simply looking to relax, with Juan, you’re in the hands of a fighter who knows the importance of recovery and rejuvenation.

Contact Juan to schedule your next message therapy.

Calle 49 #37 35
Buenos Aires, Medellín

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 5:00 pm
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