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Alejandra López Arcila

Hola! I’m a dedicated and resourceful personal assistant based in the vibrant city of Medellin, Colombia. As a native Colombian who speaks fluent English, I bridge the gap for expatriates and travelers, offering a comprehensive range of services tailored to your needs. My goal is to transition into full-time employment in this field, demonstrating my commitment and passion for delivering exceptional service.

Services Offered:

Grocery Shopping: Efficient and thoughtful selection of daily necessities.
Appointment Scheduling: Dental, health services, and more, ensuring you never miss important dates.
Apartment Hunting: Expertise in finding rentals that meet your specific needs.
Vacation Planning: Hassle-free booking of flights, hotels, and complete travel itineraries.
Health Insurance Shopping: Guiding you to the best coverage options.
Moving Assistance: Smooth transition from one apartment to another.
Email Correspondence: Professional and prompt handling of your emails.
Cell Phone Service Setup: Seamless connection to local networks.
Maintenance Coordination: Liaising with cleaners, handymen, and other services.
Transportation Arrangements: Reliable and timely travel solutions.
Gift Shopping: Finding the perfect gifts for your loved ones.
Translation Services: Bridging language barriers with ease.

Why Choose Me?

I combine local knowledge with a global perspective, ensuring that your life in Medellin is as comfortable and convenient as possible. With a hands-on approach and a focus on efficiency, I am here to simplify your daily tasks and help you navigate the vibrant culture of Medellin. Whether it’s managing your household, planning your next adventure, or assisting with professional tasks, I am committed to providing top-tier assistance.


Appointment Scheduling
Apartment Hunting
Health Insurance Shopping
Moving Assistance
Translation Services
Maintenance Coordination


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