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Landing Partners

Located in Medellín, we are a premier legal and business consultancy firm tailored to serve both national and international investors. Whether you are establishing or expanding your footprint in Colombia, our extensive knowledge of the country’s legal, corporate, and regulatory landscape ensures your commercial endeavors thrive.

What Sets Us Apart?

We are more than just a traditional law firm. Our commitment extends beyond conventional legal counsel. We prioritize providing our clients with high-quality, personalized legal and commercial advice that resonates with their unique business needs. Fluent in multiple languages, our adept team ensures seamless communication for our global clientele.

Our Specializations Include:

  • Incorporation and legal representation of companies in Colombia of all kinds.
  • Contract legal advice on national and international commercial contracts of all kinds and industries.
  • Advice on the acquisition of real estate properties in Colombia (lands, funds, trusts, etc.).
  • Real Estate legal advice and structuring of Real Estate projects.
  • Colombia Visas (Digital Nomad, Investor, Work, Retirement, Marriage, etc)
  • Banking Advise in transferring of funds from abroad and registration of international investments in Colombia before the Colombian Central Bank.
  • Business Legal advice on corporate and commercial matters, mergers and Acquisitions of companies and assets. Financing. Capitalizations. Bylaws.
  • Advice on labor law and social security matters.
  • Start-Ups Advice to Entrepreneurships and StartUps at all stages. Capital raising.
  • Relationship with all types of public and private entities (chambers of commerce, banks, notaries, etc.), clients and suppliers.
  • Litigation in Commercial, labor, civil and social security matters.
  • Inheritances, divorces, prenups, and civil matters.


Choose us as your trusted ally for all your legal and business endeavors in Colombia. We are here to ensure your journey is successful, every step of the way.


Business Law & Consultation
Visa & Immigration
Company Incorporation
Foreign Direct Investment
Personal Legal Matters
Real Estate Expertise


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