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The notorious drug lord Pablo Escobar lived in Medellin, hence drug cartels in the region were loyal to him. The Medellín Cartel took over Comuna 13 and ruled it during the 1980’s-1990’s. This was due to the location of Comuna 13: it was seen as a favourable position for the cartel as it is located just off the San Juan Highway, on a steep hill just west side of the city. Therefore it was the ideal route for the cartel to transport guns, drugs and money from the rural parts of the Antioquia region to it’s main city: Medellín. Even after Escobar died in 1993, activity was rife here as rival rebel groups sought to take control over the area and guerrilla and paramilitary activities would constantly take place here.
Comuna 13 was, and still is, a very densely populated lower class area – there are around 100,000 inhabitants here, living in small houses clinging to the side of the mountain. During this time, everyday life was filled with fear and chaos for the residents innocently caught up in the mess of gang violence and illegal trafficking. Thousands of residents even became displaced due to the violence.
During the reign of the drug cartel huge social class differences were created and social tensions with the Government mounted. So in 2002 the military attempted a controversial attempt to overthrow the cartel in Operation Orion. Helicopters, soldiers and policemen attacked the area (over a thousand of them altogether). There were many raids and unfortunately this meant many innocent residents died or got seriously injured as a result of the crossfire and couldn’t access medical attention. The residents united together and took to the streets, raising white rags in a plea to end the violence. And with that, the violence stopped. The sense of community, solidarity and bravery shown by the residents in a bid to finally get peace is incredibly moving.
Whilst this operation significantly lowered the murder rate by about 400% and is considered by the Government to be very successful, the people of Comuna 13 believe murder rates dropped simply because people started ‘disappearing’ instead. However, the neighbourhood is in a much better place now than it was and people are channelling their discontentment and energy about Operation Orion into art, music and dance and expressing themselves in this positive way. As a result, you will see a lot of symbolic art work on the streets in Comuna 13.

Classes In Art and Photography

Not only does this amazing place has beautiful art, it also teaches you how to make one of your own. El Castillo Museum has multiple classes suitable for all ages. The classes include:

  1. Painting for beginners
  2. Intermediate painting
  3. Advanced painting
  4. Digital photography
  5. Figure sculpting

Hosting Events in Castillo Museo

At Castillo Museo you can reserve spaces for special events or gatherings in different spots through out their facilities. If you’re into the medieval gothic architecture for your event, Castillo Museo is the perfect spot. You would need to contact the administration at the museum to reserve your event.  

Following are just a few events you could host at Museo Castillo: 

  1. Weddings
  2. Family Birthdays
  3. Graduation Parties
  4. Business Events & Conferences
  5. Seminars 


Something to Eat

The best way to eat at El Castillo Museum is by having a decorated and custom-made picnic. Museo Del Castillo has a small cafe restaurant that serves basic bakery stuff like Almojabana, Cupcakes and other breads, nothing to crazy but enough to hold you off till you go to a restaurant. Santa Fe Mall isn’t too far from the Museum. It’s recommended to eat before you go or after your tour. 

El Museo del Castillo is a must-do while in Medellín, this place will let you embark on a trip through which you will be able to experience how nature and history meet

Location Hours

Monday to Friday from 9am to 5:00pm 
Weekend and holidays 10am to 6pm

Getting There & Parking

Museo El Castillo is located close the Santa Fe Mall, up the hill in Loma de Los Balsos (Poblado),
the following ways to get there.

Metro: Take the Medellin Metro; Line A to Aguacatala station, and from there you can take one of the 2 bus routes that run by Museo El Castillion:

  • Route 132I Poblado from Aguacatala station which goes to passes by Oviedo Mall and onto Museo El Castillo
  • Route 133 IIA from Aguacatala station goes passes by Santa Fe Mall and onto Museo El Castillo.

Walking: It’s possible to walk to Museo El Castillo from Santafé mall, however if you’re not fond of walking up hill its not recommended. It’s about 30 minute walk from the mall. 

Quick Summary

Entry Price

Adults: 18 mil

Minors: 12 mil


Poblado, Medellin

Calle 9 Sur 32-269


9am - 5pm

Monday - Friday

10am - 5pm

Weekend & Holidays

Official Website

[Medellin Logo]

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