Pueblito Paisa - Typical Paisa Town

El Pueblito Paisa located in the urban area of the city, is the replica of a traditional Antioquia town. It is one of the most visited touristic sites in the city because it represents how proud Medellin people are of their towns and traditions. Pueblito Paisa receives around 155,000 visitors per year, which makes it one of the main attractions of the city.
The town was built in 1978 on top of a mountain called “Cerro Nutibara,” in Medellín, the capital of Antioquia, this magical place brings together the best of Antioquia tradition, gastronomy and an incredible view of the city. It has an area of 33 hectares and a height of 80 meters above sea level.
There are a variety of ecological walking trails, you can enjoy the view from the top, taste traditional food of the city as well as some shopping with traditional souvenirs of Medellin and Antioquia.
You can visit the main plaza built out of stones with gardens and a large fountain, a main church, a town hall, a school and a barbershop with elements from the 19th and early 20th centuries. Some of the materials with which this replica village is built are from the old Peñol, a town that disappeared when a dam was built. You can find out more about it going on a trip to Guatape.
In the Pueblito Paisa, you will find the Carlos Vieco Ortiz Open Air Theater, which was created for the first time in August 1984 and became an iconic place for lovers of rock, poetry and other cultural and musical genres. An open space with over 2,000 meters designed for the art and culture.

Museo de Ciudad – Medellin’s City Museum

Also located at the top of Cerro Nutibara which is Medellin’s City Museum featuring the history and different stages growth of Medellin. You will find in the museum photos from the early 1900s into the mid-late 1900s. The museum is currently run by Pedro Nel Gomez House-Museum Foundation.

Shopping and Eating

There are several restaurants and street food stands that offer the typical Medellin food, Bandeja paisa is one of the must to try dishes. You can also find the guarapo or mazamorra drink, very traditional drinks of the Medellín culture.
Don’t forget to have an “oblea” and “solterita” after lunch. These are sweets you need to try being there.
Being in the main plaza there are heaps of little shops where you can find all kind of souvenirs from Colombia and Medellin. Don’t forget to have a shot of aguardiente when you are there.

Inside Tips

You can visit Pueblito Paisa anytime during the year but during the month of December and August el Pueblito Paisa is specially decorated. The Christmas lights in December and Feria de las Flores “flower fair” in August.

Location Hours

Open Daily: 5am to 11pm

Getting There & Parking

Pueblito Paisa has 2 entrances. One on 33 avenue and another on 30th street.
By metro: Arrive at Exposiciones station on the line A of the metro (towards la Estrella) From this point walk about fifteen minutes along Avenida 33, heading west on the left side of the road until you find the sign that indicates the detour to the Cerro Nutibara, (specifically in race 63B). You can also take metro plus and get off at Nutibara station on calle 30.
By bus: You can also take the buses route of circular Coonatra buses or Belen buses that goes on calle 30 or 33.

By car: You can also drive to Pueblito Paisa and park the car in the car parks around the Cerro Nutibara at the bottom of the hill. Parking is Free

Due to the renovations that were done at el Pueblito Paisa in 2020 – 2021; the Medellin government wanted to make this place only accessible by public transport, foot, or bike to be more environmentally friendly so there is no parking at the top of the hill.

Taking an Uber or taxi is also a good option, make sure the driver will drop you off at the entrance so you can enjoy the walk going up.

ber from Poblado: 15,000 COP
Uber from Laurels: 11,000 COP
Uber from El Centro: 12,000.

Quick Summary

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Belen, Medellin

Cerro Nutibara Pueblito Paisa


5am - 11pm

Open Daily

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