Viva Mall Envigado

Largest Mall In Envigado

This shopping center of approximately 260,000 square meters is located in Envigado, in the south of Medellín. This place has many and varied environments, with streets, squares, boulevards, natural lighting, all developed in a sustainable way and that causes the least environmental impact.
This mall was inaugurated in 2018 and it is not only a place full of popular stores to go shopping but it has also been created as a center of recreation and fun for the whole family. Besides the shops, here you will find a food court, cinema, amusement park, sports area, a large supermarket, and a street full of restaurants. All these areas have been developed in an environmentally friendly way. For example, the mall implements efficient ways of using water and energy and it has the LEED certification, an international recognition system for sustainable buildings.
Even with how big this mall is, they have plans to continue expanding their space. At the moment, Ikea is expected to open its doors in the near future. Which would mean that this would be the first store of this Swedish company in Medellín.

Pet-friendly Mall

It is a very nice experience to walk through the mall and see the owners that walk with their dogs. You can walk inside the mall with your dog or cat and enjoy a very pleasant experience for both. Sometimes they install a playground for pets inside the mall so they can have fun with other animals. Also, here you will also find a couple of stores focused on animal products.

Special Areas in the Mall

The Viva Envigado commercial area is very extensive and is full of international and national stores, among which you can find clothing stores such as H&M, sports stores such as Adidas and Puma, shoe stores, bookstores, toy stores, a financial area with banks and even a coworking area. However, there are many other areas to visit.

Viva Park: It is an outdoor place where there are games that the whole family can try. In this part, there is a playground for children, an arcade zone, bumping cars, a wet zone, elastic tarpaulins, inflatables, giant family tricycles, and more.

Viva Sports: Here there are several beach volleyball courts and synthetic soccer fields. In this area, there are also walls full of graffiti made by artists from the city where you can take pictures and a street with small restaurants. All this is located on the top floor and outdoors.

Bistró Street: It is a separate area from the food court where there are 29 restaurants with an a la carte menu, which focus on different types of gastronomy. Among them are Crepes & Waffles, Chef Burger, Parmessano, Hatoviejo, Perúwok, Wajaca, and others.

iMax 3D / Cine Colombia

Viva Mall Envigado has the first iMax 3D Theatre in Medellin making it one of the most modern theatres in the country. For those that are looking for more comfort and style Cine Colombia iMax also has VIP Rooms with reclining chairs. This movie theater has a capacity of 2,300 people. 

Gym: No
Parking: Yes Paid 
Food Court: Yes
Dine-In Restaurants: Yes
Stores: 169 
Kids Area: Yes 
Movies: Cine Colombia & iMax
Pet Friendly: Yes
Co-Working: Yes 



At Viva Mall Envigado you will find over 176 stores of all business types ranging from small boutique shops, banks, fashion stores, pet stores to homegood stores. To find out if there’s a specific store you’re looking for you can visit iViva Mall Envigado business directory at the following link: Viva Shopping Directory

Something To Eat

Viva Mall Envigado about 77 Restaurants from small to large sit down spots. The restaurants are spread throughout the mall on different floors. Viva has some of the most known restaurants you find around Medellin such as Crepes & Waffles, Home Burgers, Lenos & Carbon and more. 

For enjoying a cup of coffee and working, you have cafes like Starbucks, Juan Valdez and Urbania Cafe you can view the Viva Mall Envigado restaurant directory to search all the restaurants: Viva Restaurant Directory

Location Hours

Although the mall has a specific opening hour, it is possible that internal areas such as Viva Park, the Viva Sports area, the supermarket, the cinema, and the Bistró area work at different hours.

Monday to Saturday
 from 10am to 9pm
Sunday and holidays 11am to 8pm

Restaurants and Entertainment
Monday to Thursday: 12pm – 9pm
Friday and Saturday:  12pm – 10pm  
Sunday and Holidays: 12pm – 9pm  


Travel Tips & FYI

Every month, the mall holds special events depending on the occasion. You can check the social networks of the mall to find out about the activities available.

Monday to Saturday
 from 10am to 9pm
Sunday and holidays 11am to 8pm

Restaurants and Entertainment
Monday to Thursday: 12pm – 9pm
Friday and Saturday:  12pm – 10pm  
Sunday and Holidays: 12pm – 9pm  


Getting There & Parking

Walking: Oviedo located in Poblado on Avenida Poblado in between Santa Fe Mall and Mille De Oro. A lot of the big hotels are close about 5-10 minute walk from it. You can probably ask your hotel admin to point you the way. 

Metro: Outside Poblado you can take the Medellin Metro station to Agaucatala, which is about 10-20 minute walk from the mall. In your GPS you can put in “Centro Comercial Oviedo” and it’ll point you the way. 

Car: If you drive you can take the Avenida Poblado straight South or North to, Oviedo Mall has over 1,500 Parking Spaces, outside and covered spaces. You shouldn’t have any problem looking for a spot to park your car. Below is the price for parking.

Uber / Taxi: Oviedo is a landmark in itself; so, its pretty easy to tell the Taxi Driver that you want to go to “Centro Comercial Oviedo” 

Cars: $3,200 per hour
Motorcycles: $1,900 per hour

Quick Summary


Poblado, Medellin

Carrera 43 A #6 S-15


10am - 5:30pm

Monday - Saturday

10am - 5:30pm

Sunday & Holidays

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