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Medellin, Colombia


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Festival is During July to August

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Discover Medellín's vibrant heritage at the Feria de las Flores every August.

Medellín, Colombia is often referred to as the “City of Eternal Spring” due to its warm and pleasant climate. Every August, the city of Medellin organizes an exciting week-long event that celebrates local culture like no other, the Feria de las Flores, or Flower Fair. If you are planning a visit to Medellín, this tradition is a must see experience that will show you a unique aspect of Colombian, and especially Antioquian, life. Feria de las Flores draws over two million visitors each year. This annual event, central to the city’s cultural identity, features an array of activities including floral displays, music concerts, a classic car parade, and an 11km cycling event. In 2019, organizing this significant tourism driver cost the city approximately $3.6 million

In recent years, Medellin has emerged as an innovation epicenter in Latin America, winning various international awards. Despite this, the city has stayed true to its traditions, preserving its strong sense of paisa culture. This commitment to heritage was the driving force behind the inception of the Feria de las Flores in 1957.
During that inaugural year, the city’s tourism office extended an invitation to 40 flower growers from the nearby Santa Elena region to showcase their exquisite floral products in a parade. These humble farmers, known as silleteros, were a common sight in Medellín, traveling to the city every weekend to sell their flowers in neighborhoods and churches. Today, over six decades later, the Desfile de Silleteros (Silleteros Parade) remains the heart and soul of the Feria de las Flores.

Farmers Turned Artists

While the original group of silleteros was small, today’s parade can feature up to 500 silleteros, each carrying their silletas. These silletas are not just mere flower arrangements but genuine works of art that pay tribute to a past characterized by resilience and hard work.
In colonial times, the silletas were utilitarian devices used to transport everything from coal to fruits, vegetables, and even people, in the Antioquia region. Today, they serve as a testament to rural Antioquia and its inhabitants, the paisas. These silletas come in four distinct types:

Traditional Silletas

These maintain the original design of local blooms assorted into beautiful bouquets.

Monumental Silletas

The evolution of traditional silletas, they are usually the biggest and most colorful, commanding attention at the parade.

Emblematic Silletas

These aim to inspire the public to think about their contributions to society. They often feature phrases related to civic, environmental, educational, or spiritual matters, accompanied by illustrations.

Commercial Silletas

Sponsored by companies or organizations, they often incorporate branding and promotional elements into their designs.

Orchid Exhibition

During the Feria de las Flores, flowers are displayed at the Joaquín Antonio Uribe Botanical Garden. Here, dozens of experts proudly display their finest flowers, with a special emphasis on orchids, which are Colombia’s national flower. Colombia is home to over 4,000 species of orchids, 1,543 of which are endemic to the country. As you explore the botanical garden, you’ll also find numerous bird species that live there.

The Classic Car Parade

In keeping with its commitment to honoring traditions, the Feria de las Flores hosts a classic car parade that will attract many classical car enthusiasts. This museum on wheels parades 17 miles (27 kms) through the city streets, showcasing around 200 classic car models. What makes this parade even more special is that the passengers typically dress up in a type of fashion to complement their vintage vehicles.

Musicals and Other Cultural Events

The Feria de las Flores offers something for everyone. Besides the staple events discussed above, the fair features a range of musical and cultural events, including concerts and exhibitions. Even people who enjoy biking join the festivities, dressing up in elaborate costumes and decorating their bicycles with flowers.

Where is Feria de las Flores

Feria de las Flores is a city wide celebration you have all type of events going on through the city, you can find a concert in Jardin Botanico, or Flower Parade through the city street in Poblado, Laureles and Belen. The best thing to do is visit their website and download their program guide for the year of the celebration.

FYI / Tips

If you’re planning to visit Medellin around August. Make sure you plan at least 3 months ahead of time because the prices of hotels, airbnb and any other accomodations will double or triple in price. Millions of tourist come flooding into Medellin from all around the world for the Feria de las Flores.