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Palacio Nacional Mall

La Candelaria, Medellín
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Carrera. 52 #48-45
La Candelaria, Medellín


9am - 7pm
Monday to Saturday

Sunday and Holidays

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The Palacio Nacional Mall is an impressive historical building located in the heart of Medellín. This majestic building, which now houses a modern shopping mall, has a rich history and architectural features that make it stand out as a must-visit landmark in the city of Medellin. When you’re in el centro make sure to check it out.

History of Palacio Nacional

The history of the Palacio Nacional Mall dates back to the 1920s when the city of Medellín needed new facilities to accommodate public, political, and educational offices. Renowned Belgian architect Agustín Goovaerts was tasked with designing this building, which was built on a block located on Carrera 52 (Carabobo), between Calles 48 and 49 (Pichincha and Ayacucho). Construction took place over several years and the building was finally inaugurated in 1933.
The Palacio Nacional stood out in its time for being one of the city’s first large concrete structures. However, its inauguration was not without controversy due to the associated costs, architectural style, and dimensions. Originally, it housed 88 offices for postal services, telegraphs, and revenues, as well as courts, judicial offices, an army brigade, lazarettos, and an audit department. This variety of functions gave it a pivotal role in the city’s life. In 1988 the Palacio Nacional was declared a National Historical and Artistic Heritage.

The Building’s Transformation Into a Mall

Despite its status as a historical heritage, the building experienced significant physical and social deterioration in the 1980s and 1990s. As a result of that, in 1993 it underwent significant revitalization and the transformation of turning the palace into a shopping center started.
The beauty of the Palacio Nacional Mall is evident in its stunning decoration. Details of bronze and wrought iron craftsmanship, high reliefs, artisanal woodwork, tiles, stained glass, and Art Deco lamps are elements that highlight the elegance and splendor of this historic building.
Today, the Palacio Nacional Mall not only preserves its architectural heritage but also offers visitors a unique shopping experience within its walls. It is a great example of the city’s ability to preserve its history while also adapting to the changing needs of society. The Palacio Nacional Mall is undoubtedly a landmark in the city of Medellín and definitely worth a visit. Let’s now talk about the shops you will find inside.

Fashion Shopping at Palacio Nacional

Palacio Nacional Mall is known for its fashion stores. As you explore the mall, you’ll find a wide variety of options that allow you to express your own fashion style. Many of the clothing stores here are all about staying youthful and stylish. You’ll notice that most shoppers here are on the younger side, embracing what may be considered “paisa fashion.”
For those of you who want to add a personal touch to their wardrobe, there are various stores that let you design your own t-shirts with your preferred graphics, and wait for them to be printed. It’s a hit among shoppers, especially those looking for unique and personalized fashion items. Additionally, the mall is home to a variety of shoe stores, offering something for everyone.

Art Expositions at the Mall

At Palacio Nacional Mall, the experience isn’t limited to shopping for sneakers and trendy clothing; it’s also an opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of art. The Mall recently opened a new art space that showcases the works of talented artists both from Colombia and beyond.
The top three floors have been completely transformed and turned into an art gallery . Today, these floors host 45 art galleries and 20 exhibition halls, featuring over 1,500 pieces of art, including sculptures, paintings, and drawings. The exhibition was organized by the painter and sculptor José Cirilo Henao, with the decision to convert the warehouses upstairs into art spaces made by the Sociedad Hacienda El Portal, who manage Palacio Nacional.
Every two months, the pieces in the four main exhibition halls will be rotated for collective exhibitions, making sure that you will always have something new to explore. In essence, Palacio Nacional Mall has transformed into not only a shopping destination but also an art gallery, offering a cultural experience in el centro.

What to Eat

Palacio Nacional Mall offers just a few food options on its ground floor. While there are only two cafes, the food quality is very high. In this small food area you will find various traditional Colombian food like a bandeja paisa, an economical meal consisting of beef, rice, arepas, empanadas and various other classic Colombian snacks. While the food options here are not very extensive, they do a good job at providing a budget-friendly dining experience.

Location Hours

Store Hours

Monday to Saturday: 9am  to 87m
Sunday & Holidays: Closed

Getting to the Palace

Getting to Palacio Nacional Mall from other parts of Medellín is a straightforward journey, and there are several transportation options available to reach your destination. As many of you are living or staying in the Poblado neighborhood, we’ll start our example routes from there. Let’s now dive into the various transportation options you can choose from.

Metro:  Take the A or B metro line to the San Antonio metro station, then transfer to the
T-A Tranvía tram line that will take them to the Miraflores station. From there, a short
five-minute walk leads to the mall.

Taxi / Uber:  For those opting for a taxi, many local drivers are familiar with the mall’s location, making it a quick and easy option. Catching a taxi in front of the mall is also convenient, allowing you to easily head to your next destination after your visit.The same goes for travelling there by Uber or Indrive. Just put in the name or address of the mall, order your ride and you’re ready to go
Car: If you’re driving to the mall, you’ll be pleased to know that La Central offers sufficient parking space. With 800 parking spaces for cars, 900 spaces for motorcycles, and an additional 100 spaces for bicycles, you can park your vehicle with ease.