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Museum of Modern Arts

Poblado, Medellín
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Entry Fee

Colombians: $16.500
Foreigners: $24.000


Carrera 44 #19a-100
El Poblado, Medellín


11am to 7pm
Tuesday to Friday

11am to 6pm
Weekend & Holidays


+ 57 311 347 6185

Table of Contents

Medellin's largest science and technology museum.

The Museum of Modern Art of Medellín (MAMM, Museo de Arte Moderno de Medellín), is a “must to see” place if you like cinema, architecture and design. Here you can also enjoy a really nice panoramic view of the city and get to know part of Medellin culture.
The modern art museum of Medellin, was created in 1978, has always maintained the same concept of being a living, urban and modern museum with different cultural and diverse representations of Medellin, the museum was located in the Carlos E. Restrepo but in 2009 and after almost 30 years of activity, the museum was moved to Ciudad del Río, one of the industrial zones in the south of Medellín.
The design of this museum is a modern structure that includes concrete and metal boxes, floating stairs and a terrace from which you can see a beautiful view of Medellín; You can also enjoy green areas where markets, concerts and movie screenings are occasionally held. This place also has a study room, a movie theater and a product store.

Visit the Study Room​

The Modern Arts Museum has a place called the Study Room which is open to the general public to come in for studying, working and reading / research. The room has a small library for people to use the books. It’s a great place for a digital nomad to go in and sit down and get some quiet work done.
The small library in the study room specializes in contemporary art and materials linked to exhibitions and activities presented by the MAMM, with purpose of supporting research around contemporary art practices and related fields.
The study room hours of operation are from Tuesday to Friday: 11am – 5pm

They have a movie Theater!​

You can also enjoy a theater, which serves as a movie theater. During the pandemic, the Museum opened another exhibition format: its virtual room. This service allows you to buy or rent movies from a catalog of Colombian, independent, author, experimental, documentaries and specialized cycles.
The MAMM tienda ( Shop) is the perfect place to buy accessories, stationery, jewelry, leather goods, clothing, household items, local artist collections and souvenirs.

Getting Something To Eat

Another good thing about this museum is its location, the museum is located in an industrial park of Medellin called ¨Ciudad del Rio¨, so after visiting the museum you can go for a walk around this park. There will be lots of different people doing sports, juggling, having drinks, etc. You will find a street full of different little food trucks where you can find very good options of street food. You will see little street carts selling ¨michelada¨ this is a drink you should try, it comes in different flavors, having beer, salt and lemon as a base.
In addition, very close to the Museum you can have within reach a great gastronomic offer that offers ¨Mercados del Río¨, this place is a big warehouse that offers heaps of restaurants for all tastes, Mercado del Rio is just 2 min walking from the museum, its crossing the main avenue (Avenida los industriales).

Location Fees

Colombian Nationals: 16.500 (Colombian Resident)
International Visitor (Non Colombian): 24.000 
Children (Under 12yrs): 10.000

If you want to go to the movies
Movie Tickets: 11.500 mil 

You can buy Museum tickets online at tienda.elmamm.org/taquilla

Location Hours

Tuesday to Friday: 11am to 7pm
Weekend and holidays 11:00am to 6pm


The museum is close on Mondays and if its public holiday,
then it’s close to following Tuesday.

Travel Tips / FYI

  • The museum exhibits change every three months.
  • All exhibitions are different, so you must try to respect the dynamics of each one.
  • You cannot enter food or drinks.
  • Pets are not allowed in the Museum.
  • Have some cash.

Getting There & Parking​

Walking: If you are staying near Parque el Poblado and want to walk a little bit, the museum is only 25 min away, just head down on Calle 10 until Avenida Industriales then turn right and after about 15 min walk you will find the museum on the right side of the road. In front of Mercado Del Rio.
Taxi / Uber: The easiest way of getting to the museum is take and uber or taxi. Just tell the taxi driver “Museo de Arte Moderno” he will know where to go.