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Understanding Colombian Holidays

As one of the countries boasting the highest number of public holidays worldwide, Colombia has a staggering 18 national holidays annually, securing the 4th position in the global ranking. This abundance of celebrations has become so ingrained in Colombian culture, if you were to ask most Colombians they wouldn’t even know what holiday it is. We broke down the popular Holidays and provided the dates of the Holidays for this year.

Here are some of the can't-miss events in Medellin:

Medellín International Tango Festival (Festitango) – Every June, Medellín transforms into the tango capital of the world with this renowned festival. Did you know the legendary Carlos Gardel died here in 1935? That solidified the city’s love affair with the passionate Argentine dance. During Festitango, tango orchestras, dance groups, and performers from around the globe descend on Medellín. The plazas come alive with the rhythmic bandoneon as couples get lost in the intimate tango embrace.

Flower Festival (Feria de las Flores) – In August, an explosion of colors takes over Medellín for this iconic festival celebrating the region’s flower cultivation. The highlight is the Desfile de Silleteros, dubbed the “largest open-air flower parade in the world.” Hundreds of silleteros, peasant flower growers, parade through the streets carrying elaborate, towering silletas (saddles) overflowing with vibrant blooms. Other events include music, dance, food festivals, and cultural exhibitions.

Christmas Lights (Alumbrados Navideños) – From late November through early January, millions of dazzling lights illuminate the Medellín River and major streets for the Christmas El Alumbrado festival. It’s a true holiday spectacle! Wander the festive neighborhoods enjoying the artistic light installations, Christmas markets, dance performances, and the whimsical Parade of Myths and Legends. The joy and magic of the season comes alive.

Colombia Public Holidays Calendar 2024

Keep in mind a lot of the Colombian holidays are celebrated on Monday. Which has a lot of businesses and tourist spots closed on Mondays. If Museum or Tourist spot is closed Monday because of the holiday then it’ll be Closed on Tuesday for “Maintenance”. You read about the ‘Emiliani Law‘ or ‘Bridge’ holidays on one of the articles we wrote. Keep this in mind when planning your trip to Medellin.