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Viva Mall in Envigado

Envigado, Antioquia
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Carrera. 48 #32B Sur-139, Zona 1
Envigado, Antioquia


9am - 9pm
Monday to Sunday

iMax Theater

10am - 12am
Monday to Sunday

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Colombia's Largest Mall





Food Courts


Kids Area






Pet Friendly




Inaugurated in 2018, this mall stands as not just a hub for popular shopping outlets, but also as a recreation center for families. Located in the heart of Envigado, just south of Medellín, it caters to the once underserved population of over 230,000 residents. Before its existence, Envigado’s main shopping destinations were two small malls perched high up in the hills. However, with Viva Envigado’s strategic positioning near the metro station and its impressive offerings like a food court, cinema, amusement park, sports area, a vast supermarket, and a dedicated restaurant street, shopping has become more accessible. Developed with an eco-conscious approach, the mall boasts efficient water and energy usage, culminating in its LEED certification, an internationally recognized accolade.
Despite Viva Envigado’s expansive structure, plans are underway for further expansion, with the anticipated opening of the first Ikea store in Medellín. Constructed with a significant investment of 660 billion pesos (around $217.6 million USD), it is the most extensive mall in the Medellin metro area. The retail giant encompasses a commercial expanse of 1.47 million square feet (137,000 square meters) and a total construction space of 2.8 million square feet (260,000 square meters). Designed ingeniously to integrate the pre-existing Exito and Homecenter stores, this 2018 establishment has redefined Medellin’s metropolitan shopping experience.

Pet-friendly Mall

It is a very nice experience to walk through the mall and see the owners that walk with their dogs. You can walk inside the mall with your dog or cat and enjoy a very pleasant experience for both. Sometimes they install a playground for pets inside the mall so they can have fun with other animals. Also, here you will also find a couple of stores focused on animal products.

Cine Colombia: A Modern Movie Theatre

Cine Colombia is a movie theatre that promises an unforgettable movie-going experience. With 12 screens on the mall’s second floor, including the region’s sole IMAX screen, Cine Colombia has become a focal point of entertainment for people visiting Viva. Cine Colombia caters to diverse tastes, offering lots of different films, including those in English with Spanish subtitles, providing an opportunity for both local and international movie enthusiasts to enjoy their favorite flicks.
Moreover, Cine Colombia offers the Cineco frequent moviegoer card, a program that rewards loyal customers with discounts and perks. For movie junkies, this card is a ticket to more affordable movie-watching, as points earned through spending can be redeemed for movie tickets and even delicious movie snacks.

This is one of the most modern movie theaters in the country thanks to its 4D and IMAX rooms. It also has VIP rooms with reclining chairs and in total, this movie theater has a capacity for 2,300 people.

Happy City: A Family Friendly Arcade

For those seeking family-friendly entertainment, Viva Envigado Mall doesn’t disappoint. On the third floor of the mall, you’ll find Happy City, a chain of arcades that has many locations throughout the Medellin area. The arcade boasts a wide variety of games catering to all tastes, from classic pinball machines and air hockey tables to more kid-friendly options.
Furthermore, they have an entire outside area with a big ferry wheel that you’ll notice every time you pass by the mall on the highway. For thrill-seekers there are some spectacular rides in the outside area that almost makes it feel like a small

Smart Fit Gym

Smart Fit, the Brazil-based fitness chain, has established its presence on the fourth floor of the mall, offering a great fitness experience for people of all different levels. Smart Fit is not solely about exercise machines and weights. They do a lot more, like offering group fitness classes, personalized training options, and a supportive environment where individuals can pursue their fitness goals.

Shopping in Viva Envigado

Viva Envigado Centro Comercial boasts an impressive lineup of anchor tenants, including Cine Colombia, Exito, Happy City, Homecenter, Smart Fit, and Decathlon. Additionally, the mall offers space for nearly 400 shops, providing a wide range of products and services.
Decathlon, the world’s largest sporting goods retailer, chose Viva Envigado for its first Medellín-area store. For technology aficionados and expats, iShop, a premium Apple reseller authorized for Apple product repairs, is an enticing destination within the mall. Let’s dive deeper in the most important stores you will find at Viva Envigado.


Homecenter is a store with a vast presence across the country, and its one you can’t miss out on if you’re looking to buy furniture or improve your home. Homecenter stocks an extensive range of construction materials, tools, and equipment. From lumber and plumbing supplies to electrical components and hand tools, it’s a treasure trove for DIYers and professional contractors alike.
Beyond hardware and building materials, Homecenter offers a wide selection of furniture and home décor. You’ll find items for every room, including bathrooms, bedrooms, and kitchens, helping you create a cozy and stylish living environment. If you’re looking to update your kitchen or bathroom, Homecenter has an array of faucets, sinks, cabinets, and more to choose from. It’s the ideal destination for those seeking both functionality and aesthetics.
Homecenter’s décor section is a great place for those looking to add a personal touch to their home. From lighting fixtures to decorative accents, it’s easy to insert your unique style into your home. Whether you’re an experienced DIY enthusiast or just starting with your first home improvement project, Homecenter has everything you need.

Exito: Colombia's Biggest Supermarket Chain

Exito is a name that every Colombian across the country knows. Established in the late 1940s, it has grown into one of Colombia’s most prominent and trusted retail brands. Exito’s supermarkets are well-stocked with a wide variety of groceries, from fresh produce and dairy products to packaged goods and gourmet items. Shoppers can find everything they need for their daily meals and snacks.
Many Exito stores feature dedicated sections for home appliances and electronics. This includes everything from kitchen appliances and televisions to smartphones and laptops. The Exito in Viva Envigado is no different. From cookware to cleaning supplies, in this megastore you will surely find everything you are looking for.
One of the perks of shopping at Exito is its loyalty program, Puntos Colombia. Formerly known as Puntos Exito, this program allows customers to earn points for every purchase made at Exito and affiliated brands, such as Carulla. These points can then be redeemed for discounts on future purchases, effectively providing a form of cashback.

Things to Do in Viva Envigado

The VivaEnvigado commercial area is very extensive and is full of international and national stores, among which you can find clothing stores such as H&M, sports stores such as Adidas and Puma, shoe stores, bookstores, toy stores, a financial area with banks and even a coworking area. However, there are many other areas to visit.


It is an outdoor place where there are games that the whole family can try. In this part, there is a playground for children, an arcade zone, bumping cars, a wet zone, elastic tarpaulins, inflatables, giant family tricycles, and more

Viva Sports

Here there are several beach volleyball courts and synthetic soccer fields. In this area, there are also walls full of graffiti made by artists from the city where you can take pictures and a street with small restaurants. All this is located on the top floor and outdoors.

Restaurants & Dining

Viva Envigado’s food court lies on the third floor, with over 50 fast-food places and restaurants, the food court offers a diverse range of food options that will surely have something for everybody.
For those looking for quick and familiar bites, the fast-food options abound from Burger King to Dunkin’ Donuts, KFC to Papa John’s, and Subway to Sarku Japan, you will find all your favorite fast food chains. These fast food places are perfect for shoppers looking for a quick meal on the go.
Just behind the food court you will find an area with restaurants. Whether you’re craving Italian, Mexican, or American food, there’s a suitable restaurant for everybody. Restaurants like Crepes & Waffles, Il Forno, and Sport Wings offer a familiar taste. Some restaurants within the mall offer panoramic views of the mall below and the surrounding area.

Location Hours

Store Hours

Monday to Sunday: 9am  to 9pm

Resraurants & Food Court

Monday to Thursday: 12pm – 9pm
Friday & Saturday : 12pm – 10pm
Sunday & Holidays: 12pm – 9pm

CineColombia & iMax

Daily: 10am – 12am

Getting There & Parking​

Viva Envigado Centro Comercial is strategically located for easy access, offering various transportation options to cater to your preferences. Whether you prefer the convenience of public transportation, a taxi, or driving your own vehicle, here’s how you can navigate your way to the mall.
Metro: Board the A metro line, identified by its blue color, which connects directly to Envigado, the station you’ll need to reach. Once you arrive at Envigado station, follow the signs to the exit on the east side. A pedestrian bridge awaits just outside the metro station; descend the stairs, and you’ll be on your way. The pedestrian bridge leads you directly to the mall’s entrance.
Taxi / Rideshare: Hail a taxi on the street or utilize a ride sharing app to request one. You can simply tell the taxi driver “Viva Envigado Centro Comercial ” for easy recognition. Alternatively you can make use of an app like Uber or InDrive for the perfect door-to-door experience.