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Report a Crime

If you have been a victim of a crime or know someone who has, it is crucial to report the incident to the Colombian Police and the US Embassy. We understand if you wish to keep your name or the victim’s name confidential, and we respect your privacy. However, we strongly encourage you to come forward and report the crime, even if you choose to remain anonymous. Your report can help prevent future incidents and bring those responsible to justice.

You can get more information about what the US Embassy can do for you as a US Citizen.

Reporting a crime is a crucial step in the pursuit of justice and community safety. While the decision to come forward may not be an easy one, it’s important to recognize that unreported crimes allow perpetrators to evade consequences and potentially victimize others. By reporting a crime, you not only shed light on the incident but also contribute to the prevention of future offenses.
Remember, your voice matters. By reporting a crime, you empower law enforcement agencies to take appropriate actions, protect others from falling victim, and ultimately, foster a safer community for all.

Important Notice: is NOT an official agency of Colombia nor the US Embassy. The Crime Reporting form coordinates with the Fiscalia and US Embassy to ensure that crimes that happen in Medellin are reported to the right agencies. Your report will be sent to Fiscalia and the US Embassy.

Important Notice: If you need to file a police report and retrieve a hard copy for the insurance company. You will need to go to the Fiscalia office located in your city. You can find one at the following link:

If you have an Immediate Emergency. You will NEED to call at the following numbers:
For English Dial: 911
For Spanish Dial: 123 

Type of Crimes to be Reported Online

  • Business Fraud
  • Cell Phone Theft
  • Vehicle Theft 
  • Vandalism of Property
  • Vandalism of a Vehicle
  • Identity Theft
  • Lost of Property
  • Traffic Accidents
  • Harassment 
  • Sexual Assault
  • Assault 
  • Robbery with Weapon
  • Home Invasion Robbery

Report Your Crime Below, By Filling out the form

If you want the police to contact you about the crime you’re reporting, please fill out your name, whatsapp and email. If you prefer to stay anonymous. You don’t need to fill out the contact information.  

* (Medellin Marketing Group, Inc. Does not collect any personal information the form. Any and all information is sent to Fiscalia and the US Embassy)
** If you need a hard copy police report with a case number for insurance reasons, you will need to go to the Fiscalia office closest to you. Filing a report on our website does not create a case number or printable version for the insurance company.

Authority Links: 

Colombia National Website:
US Embassy of Bogota: