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Jamaiquita is a must-visit Jamaican Restaurant in Medellin, offering authentic dishes like jerk chicken and curry chicken. Owner Anasia Reid shares her family's Jamaican recipes, focusing on healthy, flavorful fare in a cozy ambiance. Experience the vibrant flavors of Jamaica at this beloved eatery in Laureles.
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Authentic Jamaican Food in Medellin

Jamaiquita is a recently opened Jamaican restaurant located in the Primer Parque area of Laureles, Medellin. The restaurant offers an authentic taste of Jamaican cuisine, featuring dishes like the acclaimed Curry chicken and the star attraction, the Jerk chicken. The jerk chicken is praised for its perfect blend of sweet, savory, and spicy flavors, with the sauce served on the side to cater to individual spice preferences.

The restaurant takes pride in using family recipes and preparing dishes with the same love and care as a traditional Jamaican family dinner. It also offers vegan options like jerk mushrooms and focuses on providing healthy, delicious fare, with most dishes being baked instead of fried.

Jamaiquita was founded by Anasia Reid, a native of the UK and Canada with Jamaican roots. Having spent six years in Medellin, Anasia was unimpressed by the lack of unique culinary experiences and the absence of Jamaican food in the city. Driven by her love for feeding people and a desire to share her family’s recipes, she took the risk of opening this one-of-a-kind restaurant in Medellin.

The gamble has paid off, as Jamaiquita has amassed a cult following and has ambitious future growth plans. To suit the Colombian palate, Anasia plans to introduce non-spicy options while staying true to her Jamaican roots and promoting healthy options, such as sweetening beverages with agave instead of sugar.

Visit Jamaiquita you won’t be disappointed. you will find English and Spanish speaking staff members.

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Review by Medellin Community Foodies

We had a pleasure to try Jamaiquita. It was my first trying Jamaican food, and wow. I was really impressed with Anasia recipe. I normally don’t like to order Potato Salad from restaurants but I was blown away by the flavors in the salad. I enjoyed every minute eating the Jerk Chicken. I’m a health freak, now and knowing that the chicken wasn’t fried and all the ingredients are organic which made my experience all more enjoyable. My colleague Steve was extremely impressed with the Jerk Chicken. The service was amazing, the waiter spoke alittle English which was nice. They have both options of English and Spanish Menus for those that are not fluent in Spanish.  I’m happy to say I have a new favorite restaurant in Medellin. We at Medellin.co wish Anasia all the best success. 

Reviewed on 14 May 2024

Food Critic Review by Medellin Foodies

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