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404 House Pizza

Craving an authentic New York slice in Medellín? Visit 404 Pizza, where a Colombian chef brings the flavors of the Big Apple to your plate. Stop by for a slice or pie of pizza and a beer.
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A Taste of New York in Medellín

Craving an authentic New York-style pizza experience? Look no further than 404 Pizza, Medellín’s premier destination for the quintessential Big Apple slice. Founded by a native Colombian chef who honed his skills in high-end Italian and pizza restaurants across the United States, 404 Pizza brings the flavors of New York to the heart of Medellín.

Established during the pandemic, this culinary gem has quickly become a local favorite, drawing in pizza enthusiasts from all corners of the city. The secret lies in the meticulous attention to detail, from the perfectly chewy yet crispy crust to the robust tomato sauce and premium toppings.

Located in the vibrant Manila neighborhood of Poblado, 404 Pizza offers a cozy and inviting atmosphere, replicating the ambiance of a classic New York pizzeria. Whether you’re seeking a quick slice on the go or a leisurely dining experience with friends and family, 404 Pizza promises to transport your taste buds to the streets of Manhattan with every savory bite.

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Review by Medellin Community Foodies

We were extremely pleased with the service and food at 404 Pizza; they were able to cater to a large group of us with no problem. The staff and owner were really friendly. The owner speaks fluent English. So he was able to help us with the staff as some of us didn’t speak Spanish. The pizza definitely lives up to the name of the restaurant and it reminded us of New York Style pizza like back home. Definitely will come again. great job!

Reviewed on 10 March 2024

Food Critic Review by Medellin Foodies

Calle 12 #43d-38, El Poblado, Medellín

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