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Ciclovia in Medellin

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Family Fun Time.

La Ciclovia is a sports space that the city of Medellin does every week, some of the main streets of the city and some neighbourhoods are closed for cars and motorcycles and only people doing sports are allowed to use it. You can go to Ciclovia to ride a bike, skate, walk, jog or do any type of physical activity.
This awesome idea has been going for more than 15 years and is supported by the Inder which is a government organization that promotes all sports activities in the city, so when you go, you will see people with blue and green uniform making sure everything is running smoothly in the Ciclovia, if you have any problems or have a medical emergency, they can help you.
Going to the Ciclovía is something you should do even if you are not really into sports, just go to see people or grab a bite to eat from a food stand. It is a safe space where you can see one side of the Paisa culture and where you can get to know good part of the city of Medellin.

Where and When To Go

There are ciclovías in El Estadio, El Poblado, Av. Del Rio, Las Palmas, and Cerror El Volador . There are also ciclovias in neighbourhoods such as: Florencia, El Salvador, Santa Mónica, Pedregal, Manrique.

Ciclovia in El Estadio

Ciclovia in the Stadium has two options. One of them it is around the stadium that goes for 0.5 km and the other one goes around the streets outside the stadium and goes for around 2 KM. Being in this Ciclovia you can take the street that goes under the metro rails (which is also closed for cars and motorbikes) and take the big Ciclovia of 25 km that goes on the regional avenue. You can go from Itagui to Niquia. Once you arrive to Itagui or Niquia there will be rumba or aerobics classes that you can join for free.

Ciclovia in El Poblado

You can also go to Ciclovia at la Avenida El Poblado that starts in front of Premium Plaza shopping center and finish in “la Frontera” where Envigado starts, it’s around 7 km (4.3miles) distance, this Ciclovia is

Poblado Ciclovia Hours: 7am to 1pm on Sundays and Holidays

Ciclovia in Las Palmas

On Avenida las Palmas you can also enjoy the Ciclovia from San Diego to Colombus school which is around 20km (12.4 miles). As las Palmas is the main road to get to the airport.

La Palmas Ciclovia Hours: 6am to 9am on Sundays and Holidays

Ciclovia in Av. Del Rio

Av. Del Rio is on the Autopista which starts from Aguacatala in Poblado to Solla, the distance is 14km(8.6miles) on Sundays and holidays from 7am to 1pm; you can also find this Ciclovia open Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8pm to 10pm.

Del Rio Ciclovia Hours:
 – 7am to 1pm on Sundays and Holidays
 – 8pm to 10pm on Tuesday & Thursday evenings

Travel Tip / FYI

If you don’t have a bike, don’t worry in the stadium cycle path you can rent bikes for 10,000 COP (3 UDS) per hour. The two main bicycle rental stands are next to the entrance to the stadium in front of the obelisk (shopping center) or on the corner of Colombia street. For sure you will find more options around.
If your bike breaks no problem, there are a lot of people fixing bikes with their little mobile workshop all around the place.
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