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Medellin's Largest Ecological Nature Reserve

Parque Arví is an expansive ecological reserve with a territory spanning over 16,000 hectares. Capitalizing on the abundant biodiversity of the region, the park is a hotspot of both endemic and non-native flora. A rapid development of infrastructure in recent years has diversified the offering of the park, making it one of the biggest attractions for those within the Aburra Valley. Activities include organized hikes, biking, horse-riding, BBQs, dining, and more.
The park is located above the valley at an altitude ranging from 2,300m – 2,700m above sea level. This brings with it a unique climate, diverse ecosystems and an atmosphere that feels worlds apart from the city below.

What to do in Parque Arvi?

Parque Arví is home to at least 12 different trails that comprise a total area of 50km. While free to explore them alone, we recommend you do so as part of a guided tour as it is not uncommon for people to get lost within the reserve’s 16,000 hectares.

Guided Hikes

Parque Norte is known for its beautiful green spaces, recreational activities, and fun-filled attractions. One of the main attractions of the park is its water park, which provides visitors with a refreshing break from the heat of the day. The water park at Parque Norte covers an area of around 2 hectares and features several pools, water slides, and other water-based activities. The park is perfect for visitors of all ages who want to cool off and have some fun in the water.
All tours begin at the Arví ticket office, located in front of the Arví Metrocable. They operate on a half-hourly basis, beginning from 9:30 am and finishing at 4:30 pm. You do not need to make a booking or reservation, simply consult a member of staff at the kiosk.
The quota per tour varies between 10 to 25 people depending on the trail, although it is possible that your group will be significantly smaller. They can vary between less than an hour to over 3 hours and are categorised into difficulty levels (1 being easy and 2 being medium).

Mercado Arvi​

Located by the Metrocable station, the Mercado Arvi is a popular farmers’ market that attracts both foreigners and locals alike. On offer is everything from local produce, crafts, coffee, snacks, agricultural goods and souvenirs.
Peak trade occurs during the weekends with some 40 stands doing business. During the week there is still plenty of trade but it is a subdued atmosphere with around 10 stands operating.

Night Experience​

For those seeking out a nocturnal experience the park offers various packages. The cheapest of which, the night tour, costs 85,000 COP. This includes transport costs, the service of a guide, access to a campfire with a hot drink, refreshments and insurance.
Additionally, the park provides a camping package for 165,000 COP. This includes everything within the night tour as well as a tent and breakfast. This does not include camping elements such as a mat, pillow or blanket so make sure to bring your own.

Restaurants & Drinks

There are multiple places where food is served. The first you’ll likely encounter is at the aforementioned Mercado Arvi. Here you can find a selection of empanadas, arepas served with different meats, fruit and dulces.
From the station, walk past the Corporacion Arvi building and you’ll arrive to road on the top of a hill. As you walk down that road you’ll find a few restaurants including

Travel Tips / FYI

Parque Arvi enjoys a milder climate than that of Medellin’s due to its higher elevation. Perversely however, the sun is stronger and is known to catch people off-guard. Colombia, given its location within the tropic band, experiences some of the highest UV indexes in the world. We recommend you to wear breathable yet protective materials such as silk or wool.
You should bring cash with you when coming to Parque Arvi. There is a BanColombia ATM however it levies an unavoidable charge on most international cards. It is best to bring cash in the in case the ATM is out of service.
Remember that the Metrocable shuts at 6:00 pm with lines amassing at least 30 minutes before. Try to arrive to the station no later than 5:30 pm. In the case that you miss this there are buses going to El Centro every 30 minutes.

Location Hours

Parque Arvi is public access so you can go any time of day and night. However we’re going to post hours based on the Metro Cable.

Tuesday to Saturday: 9am – 6pm
Weekend & Holidays: 8:30 – 6pm
Monday: Closed

Tour Guides:
Every 30 Minutes from 9:30am to 4:30pm

Location Fees

Entry Fee: Entering the Park is Free

Tour Guides: 
 – Foriegners: 50 mil
 – Locals: 20 mil 


How To Get There

Metro: You’ll need to first get to Acevedo station, which can be done via Line A on the Medellin Metro. Acevedo Station has two Metrocable routes; take Line K to Santo Domingo Station which is the third and last stop of the route. From there, exit the station and take a left to the adjacent Arví Cable. This will take you out of the valley and into the park in around 20 minutes.

From El Poblado Station, the entire journey takes 50-60 minutes. Remember: A Line to Acevedo and K Line to Santo Domingo.
Be aware that the metro cable from Parque Arví closes at 6:00 pm. We recommend that you return to the station by 5:30 pm as to beat the last-minute rush. In the case that you stay beyond 6:00pm, regular buses will take you back to El Centro in Medellin.

Bus: The Medellin Public Transportation system, Trasancoop, runs directly from El Centro to Parque Arví every 30 minutes. The buses are stationed on Calle 50, between Cra 40 & 41, in front of the Institución Universitaria Escolme. The journey takes 50-70 minutes depending on traffic.

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