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Plaza Botero de Medellín

La Candelaria, Medellín
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Av. Carabobo
La Candelaria, Medellín


10am - 5:30pm
Monday to Saturday

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Home to 23 impressive bronze sculptures created by Fernando Botero, a renowned Colombian artist

Plaza Botero has long been the emblem of Medellín’s cultures thanks to the work of its most famous artist, Fernando Botero!
Fernando Botero, the city’s most revered artist, is a living legend. Born in 1932, Botero studied in Spain before developing his own signature, known world-wide as “Boterismo”. His work famously depicts figures in large, overemphasized volume which is what you’ll see in Plaza Botero. Through his art, he embodies different political criticisms and wit.
In 2002, the city erected 23 of his best pieces which were donated by Botero himself. They are large bronze sculptures designed from his studio in Pietra Santa, Italy. They are cherished by the city and receive routine upkeep every six months by the Museo de Antioquia. This maintenance was a requirement stipulated by Botero in exchange for the donation of his work.
Over 20 years later and the display of sculptures that define Plaza Botero have provided social & economic dividends for the city. It is currently the most visited cultural destination in Medellín.
In addition to his work, you will find a number of native ceiba and yellow lignum vitae trees that are spread around the green spaces of the plaza. Hard to miss are the imposing palm trees that remind us we are in a tropical hotspot of the world.
Botero’s work can be found in every corner of the world, including Paris, Dubai and New York. Nowhere else on Earth though will you find as many of his sculptures as you will in Plaza Botero. Packed within the 8000 square meter square are 23 of his best treasures. In this space exists a unique combination of art, culture and nature.
Come to the center of the city and relish the outdoor exhibition in an atmosphere that will fill your day with joy.

Museo de Antioquia

Botero’s legendry work is in full-force throughout the square. After checking out all 23 of his sculptures we recommend a visit to the Museum of Antioquia the large yellowish building. The Museum of Antioquia you will find work not just from Medellin’s greatest artist; Botero himself, but also Picasso; one of the greatest artists of all time. There are over 5,000 pieces, drawings, paintings and sculptures to see. All of which come together to provide an eclectic expression of culture that you will not find elsewhere in the Aburra Valley.
We also have an extensive guide on Museum of Antioquia.

Getting Something To Eat

In the heart of downtown and embedded within a bustle of trade, there are no shortages of places to eat around Plaza Botero. Dotted about are a multitude of traditional restaurants and vendors selling what you might expect in Antioquia: menus of the day, buñuelos, Bandeja Paisas, etc.
Do not expect the eclectic mix of food you’d find in places such as Poblado or Laureles. The food here is local and very popular; a great opportunity to experience the enduring cuisine of the Paisas.
There is however a popular restaurant located opposite the square, in front of the Museo de Antioquia. They are vegan-friendly and serve a selection of international, contemporary dishes. The name is Gracia Al Museo and they are currently rated 5-stars on TripAdvisor. Prices range from $9,000 – $45,000 COP. Do not forget to try one of their fresh lemonades! The Gracia Al Museo offers the ideal way to relish the atmosphere of Plaza Botero while enjoying some A- grade food. Foreigners welcome!
If coffee is your thing, then you must check out El Laboratorio de Café which is strategically located a few paces off the square.

Location Hours & Fees

Although its a public plaza it’s open 24hours a day, we went and put the hours according to the Museo de Antioquia. It’ll be better to visit the plaza during those hours, so you can also visit the museum.

Monday to Saturday from 10:00am to 5:30pm
Sunday: Closed

Travel Tips / FYI

The best time to be in El Centro is during the day. Although the police presence in Plaza Botero is extensive night and day, the surrounding atmosphere can become more mischievous when it gets dark. For peace of mind, Plaza Botero is best enjoyed during sunlight hours (before 6:30 pm). Plus, your photos will come out better!
Sunscreen! El Centro tends to experience the brunt of the sun in Medellín with UV levels of 11 being the norm. Having said that, the weather in Medellin requires diligence as you never know when the rain may come. Pack a waterproof in the name of prudence.
Make sure to take plenty of photos and don’t feel too worried about exposing your camera. Thousands of photos are taken in this square everyday and the police are there to make sure there are no problems doing so.
Plaza Botero and the surrounding area is a hotspot for informal trade. You may be approached by wacky vendors. All that is needed is a simple, “no, gracias”.

Getting There & Parking

Metro Line A: The Parque Berrío station on Line A of the Medellín Metro is the closest station to Plaza Botero, only 300m away and needing no longer than 3 minutes on foot. For those coming from El Poblado or anywhere south of El Centro there are no changes required.

Metro Line B: Alternatively, if you are taking Line B of the Metro (west to center) as you would from Estadio then you can simply hop off at San Antonio station. From there it is also a walkable distance of 700m and should take you 8-10 minutes at a leisurely pace. This may be quicker than changing lines at San Antonio to get to Parque Berrío station.

MetroPlus: If you’re closer to the MetroPlus or familiar with taking that city’s first Electric Bus system. You can take the bus to La Playa stop. Once you get off the station, look for the Coltejer building which is the largest building you see as you look up and head that way. About 3 Blocks you will be at the Parque Berrío station which is where the Botero Plaza is.

Taxi / Uber: Although distance will vary, its location within the city center makes Plaza Botero within quick reach of most destinations heavily frequented by tourists. El Poblado is one such barrio, with an average distance of 7.5 km from the Plaza. An Uber will cost approximately $17,500 COP or $3.90 USD (2023). Likewise, from the heart of Laureles (Second Park) it is 4km; an Uber ride should cost around $12,300 COP or $2.74 USD (2023).