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Planetarium Medellin

Aranjuez, Medellin
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Entry Fee

Colombians: $27.000
Foreigners: $31.000


Calle 73 #51d-14
Aranjuez, Medellin


8:30am to 5:30pm
Monday to Friday

10am to 6:30pm
Weekend & Holidays

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Table of Contents

Explore the Cosmos at Planetario de Medellín: Where Wonder Meets the Stars

The planetarium is a didactic space in the city of Medellin that shows experiences of the space and earth, the planetarium has a high quality dome that allows the sky to be projected from anywhere on Earth at any time or date, simulate the movement of astronomical bodies, travel through the known universe and exhibit shows for planetariums. The planetarium is part of the group of tourist attractions such as the botanical garden, explora park and park of desires located in the north of Medellín
In the 1970s, astronomers and space science enthusiasts gathered to share information about space programs, planets, nebulae, and galaxies from the observatories at Mount Palomar, Mount Wilson, and NASA. These meetings became more frequent and after the union of various political groups and private companies in October 1984, the planetarium was created, one of the most modern planetariums in Latin America.
The planetarium is named Jesús Emilio Ramírez González, this man was born in Yolombó, Antioquia (1904–1981). He was a priest dedicated to earth sciences, and one of his main hobbies was astronomy. He was considered the most important scientist in Colombia when the planetarium was founded.

What To Do In The Planetarium

The main attraction of the planetarium is the dome show. Besides that, you can also visit all the areas of the museum that has more than 40 interactive experiences.You can check the shows Schedule here https://www.planetariomedellin.org/shows
The planetarium also features exhibits on Rocky Planets, Gas Planets, Astrobiology, and Deep Space.
You can also visit the specialized library on topics of Astronomy, Astrophysics, Astrobiology, Biology, Physics, Philosophy of Science, Geology, Geography, History of Science, Mathematics, Paleontology and Chemistry, among others.

Getting Something To Eat

If you are hungry, don’t worry. There is a coffee shop inside the planetarium that offers the best coffee, pastries and bakery products. If you feel like something different you can visit desire park which is right outside that has lots of street food options or you can also go to the botanical garden that has some restaurants with more options of food.

Location Hours

Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 5:30pm (Last ticket sold at 4:30pm)
Weekend & Holidays 10am to 6:30pm

The museum is close on Mondays and if its public holiday,
then it’s close to following Tuesday.

Location Fees

Colombian Nationals: $27.000(Colombian Resident)
Colombian Family National: $77.000 (For Family of 4, Resident)
International Visitor (Non Colombian): $31.000
International Visitor Family: $104.000 (Family of 4) 

Kids Under 3yrs old Are Free 

Getting There & Parking​

The Planetarium is located in the North Zone of the city where some of the most important tourist attractions are; the Botanical Garden, the Desires Park, and the North Park
The best and easiest way of getting to Parque Explora by metro.
Metro: Take the Linea A of the metro towards “Niquia” get off at Universidad metro station, just follow the directions inside the station, the planetarium is just outside the metro station.

Taxi / Uber:  Uber and taxi are also a good option; prices from Poblado are roughly around 18,000 COP (4USD). 

Just tell the Taxi driver (Planetario de Medellín) and he will take you straight there.