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Originally from Cartagena, Alejandra is a dedicated and passionate personal trainer currently based in Medellín. She operates out of the well-known BodyTech gym in El Centro, where she brings her extensive experience and knowledge in fitness and nutrition to her clients.

Services Offered:

  • Personal Training Plans: Tailored to individual needs, Alejandra’s training plans focus on achieving personal fitness goals, whether it’s weight loss, muscle building, or overall health improvement.
  • Nutrition Plans: Understanding the critical role of diet in fitness, Alejandra offers comprehensive nutrition plans. These are customized to complement the physical training regimen and ensure optimal results.
  • 14 Years of Bodybuilding Training: Alejandra’s journey in fitness spans over a decade, showcasing her commitment and expertise in the field.
  • Professional IFBB Elite Pro: With 2.5 years as an International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB) Elite Pro, Alejandra has competed at the highest levels, demonstrating not only her skill but also her deep understanding of the sport.
  • 6-Time Wellness Champion: A testament to her prowess and dedication, Alejandra has earned the title of Wellness Champion six times, highlighting her exceptional ability in fitness and wellness.
    Runner-Up in Wellness Competitions: Her consistent performance is further proven with two second-place finishes in prestigious wellness competitions.

Alejandra’s blend of experience, expertise, and passion makes her an ideal personal trainer for those looking to transform their fitness journey. Her approach is holistic, focusing not just on physical training but also on the essential aspects of nutrition and mental well-being.


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