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Mauricio Cadavid

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Mauricio Medellin's Salsero & Kizombero Top Dance Instructor

Mauricio Cadavid, a Medellin-based dance instructor with 15+ years of experience, transforms beginners into confident social dancers through his programs, “Cero a Kizombero” and “Cero a Salsero”.  As a kizomba promoter and life coach, he offers personalized dance solutions in studios and homes to boost confidence and performance.


Mauricio Cadavid is a passionate and experienced dance instructor based in Medellin, Colombia, who has dedicated more than 15 years to dancing and 13 years to teaching. Fluent in both English and Spanish, Mauricio specializes in transforming beginners into confident and skilled social dancers through his signature programs, “Cero a Kizombero” and “Cero a Salsero”.

As one of the leading kizomba promoters in Medellin, Mauricio’s expertise extends beyond the dance floor. He is also a certified life coach, offering personalized dance solutions designed to boost confidence and enhance performance. With his unique approach, Mauricio helps his clients not only improve their dancing skills but also grow on a personal level.

In addition to his teaching and coaching services, Mauricio has extensive experience in hosting and creating unforgettable dance experiences. He has established alliances with various dance studios in Medellin, allowing him to rent space as needed. For added convenience, Mauricio also offers in-home lessons, depending on the client’s schedule and location.

Whether you’re a complete beginner or looking to take your dancing to the next level, Mauricio Cadavid’s expertise, passion, and personalized approach will help you become an extraordinary social dancer while fostering personal growth and confidence.


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 9:30 pm
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 9:30 pm
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