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Embrace the Art of Ink with Medellin's Nature-Inspired Tattoo Artist

Meet Medellin’s adventurous spirit and creative tattoo artist, where passion for the great outdoors and the art of tattooing blend seamlessly. Located in the welcoming Laureles neighborhood, this tattoo haven is more than an art studio; it’s a cultural crossroads for digital nomads and exchange students seeking a place to stay and a local experience.

With 13 years of paragliding under his belt, our tattoo artist’s love for soaring heights translates into his work—capturing the freedom and beauty of nature in each tattoo design. Specializing in illustrative tattoos, he brings a touch of wilderness to the skin with striking blacks and vibrant reds, perfect for those looking to carry the memory of their pets or any bespoke design with them forever.

Beyond his ink work, he’s a friend to travelers from all corners of the globe. Fluent in English and deeply understanding of cultural diversity, he ensures clear and welcoming communication. For those looking to blend their lifestyle with art, his doors are open for long-term stays, offering a unique opportunity to live, work, and create in one of Medellin’s most dynamic neighborhoods.

Safety is not taken lightly here; the studio boasts a Legal Biosafety Certificate, ensuring all procedures are up to the highest standards. Curious souls can glimpse potential designs and learn more about his art on the studio’s website.

Come and share your story, and let it be woven into a personal piece of art that you’ll carry with pride. Your journey through Medellin’s art scene starts here, where every tattoo is a testament to adventure and cultural harmony.


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 5:00 pm
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 5:00 pm
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9:00 am -
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