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Craving authentic California-style tacos in Envigado? Takrunch brings the flavors of the West Coast to Colombia with delectable handcrafted tacos made by a chef trained in Mexican cuisine. Click here to learn more about this local hotspot serving up a taste of California!
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California Mexican Tacos in Medellin

Takrunch is a beloved taco joint in Envigado, Colombia that brings the authentic flavors of California-style Mexican cuisine to the city. Founded in 2023 by Juan, a Colombian native with over 3 years of experience working as a chef at Mexican restaurants in California.

After returning to Colombia, Juan saw an opportunity to introduce the delicious American-style tacos he craved from his time in California. He opened Takrunch, pouring his passion for Mexican food and taco expertise into creating an authentic taste of the West Coast.

At Takrunch, Juan meticulously prepares each taco, blending quality ingredients with his own special twists on traditional recipes. From the perfectly seasoned proteins to the handmade tortillas and fresh toppings, every bite celebrates flavor and tradition.

In just one year, Takrunch has become a local hotspot, earning a loyal following of locals and expats alike for serving some of the best tacos in Envigado. Juan’s commitment to quality and mastery of taco-crafting has allowed Takrunch to transport diners to the streets of California with each delectable taco.

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Calle 40 Sur #28 B 3 055420 Envigado, Antioquia

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 11:00 pm
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 11:00 pm
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