Arkadia Mall

Belen, Medellín
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Cra. 70 #1-141
Medellín, Belén


10am - 9pm
Monday to Saturday

11am - 8pm

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Medellín has recently welcomed a new addition to its urban landscape, the Centro Comercial Arkadia. This state-of-the-art shopping mall, situated in the Belén comuna, has quickly become a focal point for people all around the neighborhood. Opened on November 13, 2019, the mall has captured the attention of the citizens of Medellin.
Arkadia Mall’s strategic location in the heart of the Belén comuna positions it as a convenient and accessible shopping destination. Serving as the only Western-style mall in the western part of Belén, it caters to the needs of the local community while also attracting visitors from neighboring areas.

History of the Arkadia Mall

The story behind Arkadia Mall’s creation is a testament to collaboration and vision. The Cimento consortium, a partnership between Guatemalan investment firm Spectrum and local company Amarilo, turned a dream into reality with this new shopping destination. The mall spans an impressive 538,196 square feet (50,000 square meters) of space, offering room for both shopping and leisure activities.
Its location in Belén was a strategic move, as the area was previously underserved in terms of shopping options. With only one relatively small mall, Los Molinos, serving the entire comuna, Arkadia filled a void in the retail landscape. This fact is underscored by Belén’s sizable population of approximately 200,000, making it the largest comuna in Medellín, even surpassing El Poblado, which has around 133,000 residents.

The Anchor Stores of Arkadia

Step inside Arkadia Mall, and you’ll find yourself a widee range of shopping options. The mall houses approximately 160 shops, each catering to a variety of needs. From male and female fashion to children’s and youth clothing, footwear, sporting goods, furniture and decoration, lingerie, opticians, and fast food establishments, Arkadia truly covers all the bases.
Anchor tenants such as Cinemark, Decathlon, Euro, Falabella, Ktronix, and Smart Fit offer a complete shopping experience for visitors. Let’s talk more about the anchor tenants of Centro Comercial Arkadia.


At the heart of Arkadia Mall lies Falabella, a retail giant that needs no introduction. Falabella has made its mark across Latin America, earning a reputation for providing an extensive range of products. This flagship department store offers a wide range of items, from electronics and appliances to clothing, furniture, and beyond.
With a global selection of brands, Falabella showcases both local and international offerings, making it a one-stop destination for shoppers seeking quality and variety. Falabella has a large number of stores across Colombia, with 26 stores across 11 cities. In Medellín alone, Falabella has left its mark in the San Diego, Santa Fé, and Arkadia malls.


For tech enthusiasts, Ktronix is a great place for people seeking innovation and cutting-edge products. This Colombian retail chain, often likened to the U.S. retailer Best Buy, specializes in electronics, appliances, and technology-related goods. Ktronix caters to the diverse needs of tech-savvy consumers, offering a lot of different products, including audio equipment, cameras, cellphones, computers, televisions, and even home appliances.
Ktronix frequently offers enticing sales, showcased through its website and flyers. These offerings make it an attractive option for those in search of quality tech at competitive prices. With locations across the country, including two in El Poblado and one in the renowned El Tesoro mall, Ktronix has carved a niche for itself in the Colombian retail landscape.

Euro Supermercado

Right in the middle of the Arkadia Mall, Euro Supermercado provides a practical and convenient solution for all your daily essentials. Founded in 2001, Euro Supermercado has established itself as a well-known destination for grocery shopping in the Medellin metro area.
With several branches across the city, Euro Supermercados will be a recognizable name for many expats. Offering a diverse selection of products, from fresh produce to household necessities, Euro Supermercado ensures that visitors can effortlessly find the items they need to meet their daily needs.

Cinemark: Arkadia Mall's Movie Theatre

Cinemark, a household name in the world of cinema, adds something extra to Arkadia Mall. Not only can you do your regular shopping here, it’s also a trendy place to go catch the latest blockbuster. This theater chain promises a high quality cinematic experience similar to what you’re used to in western movie theaters at home. With nine screens Cinemark offers an exciting experience for movie enthusiasts and families alike.
For frequent moviegoers, Cinemark offers the Cinemark Gold card, a golden ticket that grants discounts on both movie tickets and food. If you plan to go to the movies often then you should definitely check out this option.

Smart Fit Gym

Located within the Arkadia Mall, Smart Fit introduces a world of fitness possibilities to visitors. Smart Fit’s presence on the mall’s sixth floor offers fitness enthusiasts and health-conscious individuals an option to work on their fitness and their general physical well-being.
Smart Fit’s membership plans cater to different type of gym goers and lifestyles. The “Plan Smart” membership, for example, allows access to a single location, making it an ideal choice for those who prefer to focus on a particular gym. On the other hand, the “Plan Black” membership offers access to all Smart Fit locations and even permits members to bring a friend along for their fitness journey.
With a total of 10 locations in Medellín and a remarkable 17 locations in the Medellin metro area, Smart Fit has made fitness accessible and convenient for residents across the city.

Restaurants & Dining

The food court is located on the mall’s fifth floor. There you will find the typical options you’ve come to expect in Colombian malls, ranging from fast food options to classical restaurants. The lively atmosphere adds to the experience, making it an ideal spot for a quick snack between shopping sprees, or for more relaxed sitdown meals shared with friends and family.

Fast Food Options

Arkadia Mall’s fast food options are a delight for those seeking a quick and satisfying meal. From internationally recognized chains to beloved local favorites, there is plenty to choose from. For lovers of classic fast food, Burger King delivers its iconic flame-grilled burgers and Whoppers, while KFC brings its crispy fried chicken. Subway offers a refreshing and customizable alternative with its selection of freshly crafted sandwiches. Meanwhile, El Corral showcases Colombian flair with its unique take on burgers, and Sarku Japan offers a taste of Japanese culinary experience.


If you’re not the fast food type then you’ll be pleased to find a large amount of restaurants within the food court. These establishments offer a more immersive and refined dining experience. You will find well-known restaurants like Chef Burger, Crepes & Waffles, Il Forno and Lenos y Carbon, Sushi Market and Wajaca. Whether you prefer burgers, steaks or traditional Japanese food, there’s plenty of options for everybody.

Location Hours

Store Hours

Monday to Saturday: 10am  to 9pm
Sunday: 11am to 8pm

How To Get to Arkadia Mall

If you are planning to go on a shopping or dining spree at Arkadia Mall, you will be happy to know it’s an easy to reach destination. This modern mall, located in Medellín’s Belén comuna, caters to both locals and visitors. There are various transportation options available, let’s explore them.
Metro: Medellín’s renowned metro system is a convenient way to reach Arkadia Mall. Simply hop on Line A and get off at the Industriales station. From there, a quick taxi ride or a short bus journey will transport you directly to the mall’s doorstep. The metro’s efficiency and connectivity make it a favored choice among many people. Although in this case the metro station isn’t located right next to the mall.
Taxi / Rideshare: If you prefer door-to-door convenience, taxis and rideshare apps like Uber and InDrive offer a direct route to Centro Comercial Arkadia. When communicating with drivers, mentioning Centro Comercial Arkadia and Belén, serves as a helpful landmark reference. Every taxi driver in Medellin will be familiar with the mall’s location.
Bus: Medellín’s local bus network is another viable option for reaching the mall. Several bus routes pass near Arkadia Mall, making it easy to hop on a bus that brings you close to your shopping and dining adventure.