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Cocorná, Antioquia
2 hours from Medellin
81 km( 50.5miles)


Average 28c (82f)

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Charming Town with Waterfalls

Less than an hour from Medellin, Barbosa is a small colonial town surrounded by the Andes mountains. Its climate is optimal for growing pineapple, coffee, cocoa, and sugar cane. The weather is temperate and hot due to the altitude of 4209 feet (1283m).

History of Barbosa

The land that now comprises the municipality of Barbosa was first explored by Spanish conquistadors, much like the entire Valle de Aburrá, by Jerónimo Luis Téjelo, who was dispatched by the marshal Jorge Robledo. Settlements began to thrive in this valley as a small group of Spanish settlers sought better prospects in this prosperous and productive area.
On August 25, 1795, Don Gabriel José Ignacio Muñoz de Rojas, a former mayor of Medellín, donated the lands for the construction of a town hall, a prison, a parade ground, and a church. Governor José Felipe de Inciarte decreed the formal foundation of the town. While some have claimed that Barbosa attained district status in 1812, no supporting documents have been cited to substantiate this assertion.

Things To Do in Barbosa

This municipality offers different activities for you to be in contact with Valle de Aburrá’s nature and local culture. Let’s explore some of the interesting things to do in this town.

Paragliding and Mountain Biking at Alto Matasanos

The hills of Matasanos are at a higher altitude than the urban area of Barbosa. For this reason, it’s a busy place to go paragliding and fully admire the Aburrá Valley from above. It has two take-off areas, one used by hang gliders and the other by paragliders.
It’s also common to take a bike ride from Barbosa to Matasanos. Some sections are difficult due to it being a mountainous area. The viewpoint of Matasanos is a family meeting place, usually in the afternoons of cold breezes. Hot chocolate and other warm drinks are good options to accompany the experience.

Water Park Las Aguas

While in Barbosa, don’t forget to visit this place. It’s one of the best options to spend the hot days at a reasonable price! If you find yourself on a small family trip or with friends, you can spend fun moments playing in the pools. All of them have different interactive proposals.
In this water park you’ll find various different kinds of pools ranging from a recreational pool, a wave pool, a diving pool with free fall slides to a slow river and interactive springs.

Natural Pools

The town’s full of tourist attractions arranged by nature that are mainly free of cost. You can swim and even do water trekking on your own! You won’t find shops or supermarkets close to these spots, as they’re in rural neighborhoods, so make sure to stock up on food and drinks beforehand.

Among the most outstanding pools are:

The Plaza de Bolivar

Plaza de Bolivar is a traditional and inviting square that serves as a gathering place for locals and visitors. After you are done with other activities in the area you can relax in the plaza, cool off with a cerveza (beer), and observe families enjoying the beautiful weather. You will find some restaurants and cafes all around the plaza.

The Churches

Barbosa is home to two old churches that add to the town’s historical charm. The main church, Iglesia de San Antonio de Padua, is a grand structure that exemplifies colonial-era architecture. In contrast, the Capilla de Maria Auciladora, built in 1776, is a smaller but equally beautiful church with a rich history. These churches are not only places of worship but also architectural beauties that showcase the town’s heritage.

Cacao (Chocolate) Tour

Inspired by the traditional practices of the Arhuaca indigenous community, these cacao tours offered by locals focus on sharing knowledge related to chocolate. Through a tour that lasts around two hours, you can learn about the chocolate-making process from its beginnings with the observation of cocoa plants to the final product. You can even make your chocolate by adding the ingredients you want.

The Well-Tended Colonial Architecture

Wandering through Barbosa’s streets, you’ll be captivated by the abundance of colonial style architecture. Whitewashed adobe buildings adorned with vibrant colors and intricately carved wooden details characterize the town’s aesthetic. These traditional colonial era structures create a charming and photogenic atmosphere, making every stroll through Barbosa a delightful experience.

The Local Pineapple Tradition

Barbosa is renowned as the town of pineapples, which comes to no surprise as the climate is perfect for growing pineapple plants. In places like El Carretero, Popalito, or El Tablazo, you can learn about the intricate details of pineapple farming and production, gaining insight into what makes Barbosa’s pineapples the best in Colombia.

Hiking the Pre-Hispanic Trail

A mere 20-minute journey from Barbosa’s main plaza will take you to a path that connects you with the ancestors. This pre-Hispanic trail, constructed in stone by indigenous communities, once served as a vital link to Santa Rosa de Osos. Along the way, you’ll encounter fascinating petroglyphs etched into the stone, a rare and unique sight in Antioquia. These ancient carvings offer a glimpse into the region’s rich history and the indigenous cultures that once thrived here.

Getting to Barbosa from Medellín

Barbosa is easily accessible from Medellín, making it a convenient day trip or weekend getaway. Let’s dive deeper into the various transportation methods available to you
Bus: Medellín has an efficient public bus system. You can take a bus from the terminal del norte to Barbosa. Look for buses heading in that direction or ask at one of the service desks. The ride may take approximately 1 to 1.5 hours.
Taxi or Ridesharing Apps: You can also opt for a taxi from Medellín to Barbosa. Ensure that the taxi meter is on or agree upon a fare with the driver before starting your journey. Of course you can also opt to use one of the popular ride sharing apps like Uber or InDrive.
Private Driver / Car: The most convenient and flexible way to reach Barbosa is by renting a car or using your own vehicle. Simply set your GPS to Barbosa, and follow the signs. The journey typically takes around 45 minutes to an hour, depending on traffic conditions. .