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La Ceja

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La Ceja, Antioquia
1.5 Hours from Medellin
48.3 km (29 miles)


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Small Quiet Town Outside Medellin

Just outside of Medellín lies a quieter, yet just as captivating area known as La Ceja. La Ceja offers a tranquil escape from the urban pace, making it a perfect destination for those who want to explore a different side of Medellín. La Ceja boasts the largest concentration of waterfalls and rapids in the country, spread across 10 high points within a 10-kilometer radius. This region is renowned for its incredible landscapes and rich history.

History of La Ceja Town

La Ceja, meaning “the eyebrow,” got its name from its distinctive geographical formation which appears like an eyebrow on the maps. Historically, the region was inhabited by indigenous groups, primarily the Tahamíes, before the Spanish conquest. The town was officially founded in 1789, and its historical roots are evident in the town’s colonial architecture and museums. As Medellín grew into a hub of commerce and culture, La Ceja maintained its serene, agrarian charm, offering a beautiful contrast to the city’s urban hustle.
For those keen on understanding Colombia’s past, La Ceja offers a glimpse into the legacies left behind by the Tahamíes Indians and Spanish conquistadors. Landmarks like Vallejuelo and El Tigre serve as testimonies to the town’s evolution over centuries. Furthermore, its reputation as “El pequeño Vaticanito” offers religious and spiritual tourists a chance to connect with the region’s deep-rooted faith. The presence of 25 religious communities, the renowned Christ the Priest National Seminary, and retreat houses like El Rodeo Santa Ana provides enriching spiritual experiences.
In addition to history and spirituality, La Ceja’s natural landscape is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. Its verdant countryside, punctuated by crystalline rivers, is perfect for hiking, cycling, and bird-watching. Local artisans offer handmade crafts, giving visitors a chance to take a piece of La Ceja back home. The town’s warm and welcoming residents, known for their resilience and unity, ensure that every visitor feels a sense of belonging. All these factors make La Ceja a must-visit destination for those keen on exploring Colombia’s heart and soul.

Things To Do in La Ceja

La Ceja presents a diverse array of experiences for tourists. Whether you’re delving into the town’s rich history or looking to get an adventurous thrill, La Ceja caters to all interests. Below are some of the things you can engage in while in and around La Ceja.


a Ceja offers an exhilarating experience that allows both thrill-seekers and nature enthusiasts to view the landscapes of this Colombian town from a unique perspective. As you soar above the lush meadows, dense forests, and crystalline rivers of La Ceja, you’re granted a bird’s-eye view of the region’s breathtaking natural beauty. La Ceja Ziplining is considered one of the largest in Colombia.

La Ceja Walking Town Tour

La Ceja’s rich history is vividly displayed through its colonial architecture, a reflection of its storied past. The town’s heart is its historic center, with cobblestone streets and traditional houses adorned with wooden balconies and colorful facades. Notable structures like the Iglesia de La Ceja showcase the grandeur of Spanish colonial designs, while many colonial homes, now converted into museums and boutiques, offer insights into the early lives of the town’s inhabitants
Apart from individual houses, the grand El Palacio Municipal stands as a testament to the era’s majestic architecture, serving as the town’s administrative center today. For a deeper dive into La Ceja’s architectural marvels, guided walking tours led by knowledgeable locals provide detailed histories of these structures, binding the town’s charm with its vibrant past.

Bird Watching

La Ceja is a dream destination for bird lovers, boasting a range of ecosystems that attract both endemic and migratory bird species. From the vibrant Andean Cock-of-the-rock to the elusive Golden-headed Quetzal, the area promises a visual treat for all. For the best bird-watching experience, consider joining guided tours led by local experts who will take you to prime spots like the El Tambo Eco Park and the Botanical Garden of La Ceja. Don’t forget to bring along a pair of binoculars and a local bird guide. As you immerse yourself in this avian paradise, remember to be patient and respectful of nature, ensuring a fulfilling and eco-friendly adventure

Visit EcoPark called Salto del Buey

Natural destination close to Medellin, with nearly 10 waterfalls alongside springs and reservoirs. The vigorous cascades of pure water, the mesmerizing rainbows formed by sunlight interacting with the droplets, and the soothing sounds of nature promise a revitalizing and joyous experience
Many visitors, upon discovering this gem, have been taken aback by its external beauty and vibrant energy. If you’re journeying through Antioquia, make sure to explore this enchanting spot. Below, we guide you on how to reach El Salto del Buey and the activities to indulge in.

Restaurants & Drinks

Guatape has a lot to offer when it comes to food and drinks. Visitors will find a wide range of dining options, from traditional Colombian street food to more upscale restaurants with international cuisine. Here are some of the top places to get food and drinks in Guatape:
Guatape has something to offer for every taste and budget, with a variety of food and drink options that showcase the town’s rich cultural heritage and vibrant culinary scene. Whether you’re looking for street food, fine dining, or a night out on the town, you’ll find plenty of options to choose from in this charming Colombian pueblo.

Town Square

Guatape’s town square is a hub of activity, with plenty of outdoor cafes and restaurants where visitors can grab a bite to eat or a drink while soaking up the local atmosphere. This is a great place to enjoy some traditional Colombian street food, such as empanadas, arepas, and churros, which are often sold from food trucks and stalls around the square.

Streets and markets

Visitors can find a variety of food vendors selling fresh produce, meats, and other local specialties in the streets and markets around Guatape. These markets are a great place to try some of the town’s most famous dishes, such as bandeja paisa, a platter of rice, beans, meat, and plantains, or sancocho, a soup made with chicken, beef, or fish.

Restaurants and Cafes

For those looking for a more formal dining experience, Guatape has a variety of restaurants and cafes that offer everything from traditional Colombian cuisine to international dishes. Visitors can choose from cozy cafes that specialize in coffee and pastries, seafood restaurants with views of the lake, or fine dining establishments that offer gourmet dishes made with ingredients that are often locally sourced.

Bakeries and Sweet Shops

Guatape is also home to a number of bakeries and sweet shops that are perfect for indulging in a sweet treat or two. Visitors can sample everything from freshly baked bread and pastries to artisanal chocolates and ice cream.

Bars and Nightlife

When the sun goes down, Guatape comes alive with a vibrant nightlife scene. Visitors can enjoy a cocktail or a cold beer at one of the many bars and pubs around town, many of which offer live music and entertainment. For those looking for a more laid-back atmosphere, there are also plenty of cozy cafes and wine bars that are perfect for enjoying a relaxing evening with friends.

Where to Stay / Accomodations

There are plenty of places to stay at La Ceja has Hotels, Hostels and Glamping locations. You can also find some really nice fincas to stay at for the weekend on Airbnb.


There are a variety of hotels in La Ceja, ranging from budget-friendly options to more luxurious ones. You can find majority of the hotels in the town center. Some hotels also feature on-site restaurants, bars, and spas, making them a convenient choice for travelers who want to relax and unwind.


La Ceja is surrounded by beautiful countryside, and as such, there are several finca rentals available in the area. Fincas are a great option for travelers with larger family or just want to be away from the town over-looking the country side and enjoy a more secluded, peaceful setting.


Experience the luxury of glamping in La Ceja, where nature and comfort unite in perfect harmony. Amid the rolling hills and vibrant landscapes, La Ceja offers an unmatched glamping adventure, merging the untouched beauty of the wild with top-tier amenities. Immerse yourself in a retreat that seamlessly combines outdoor splendor with modern conveniences.

How To Get There

When coming from Medellin, reaching La Ceja isn’t too hard. We’ll go over various ways you can get there and offer advice to make your journey smoother.

Car: If you’re going to drive to La Ceja (47km or 15 miles) it’s about 1hr to 1.5hrs drive depending on the traffic. La Ceja has a lot of street parking once you get there.

Taxi or Uber: if you decide to take a taxi to La Ceja or Rideshare app it’ll be roughly around 100-120 mil one way.

Bus: Buses go to La Ceja every day you will need to go to Terminal Sur (South Terminal) bus trip to La Ceja is about 7mil ($3 USD) but keep in mind that most bus companies have schedules and don’t operate all day. So if you miss your bus consider staying the night in La Ceja or catching a ride back to Medellin