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Llano Grande

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LLano Grande, Rio Negro
45 min from Medellin
31 km( 19 miles)


Average 23c (73f)

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Upscale Town Outside of Medellin

Llano Grande, a pristine sanctuary nestled in the mountains near Rionegro, has long remained one of Medellín’s best-kept secrets. This tranquil town, a short trip away from the bustling city, offers a refreshing glimpse into Colombia’s lush landscapes and rich traditions.

History of Llano Grande

Llano Grande’s origins are deeply rooted in the early settlements of the Paisa region. Historically, the town was a vital resting point for travelers and merchants navigating the challenging terrains between the coastal and interior regions of Colombia. Over the centuries, Llano Grande has retained its authentic essence, largely due to its close-knit community, which has preserved Llano Grande’s small town feel. With new leadership, development has slowly started to ramp up with new homes being built as well as the infrastructure improvements necessary for the new residents.
In current times, Llano Grande is a town with many of the larger estate homes in Antioquia. The median home value in Llano Grande is 145% of comparable houses in Antioquia. Many of the celebrities that are from the area have homes in Llano Grande, including actors, musicians, titans of industry and former politicians. The mayor’s office is very proud of the balance of rural, luxury living and modern amenities that Llano Grande has provided its residents.

Things to Do in Llano Grande

This municipality offers different activities for you to be in contact with Valle de Aburrá’s nature and local culture. Let’s explore some of the interesting things to do in this town.

Parque Ecologico Llano Grande

The park boasts a remarkable variety of flora and fauna, a testimony to the region’s biodiversity. Visitors can witness a range of bird species, making it a paradise for birdwatchers. The lush green trails are also dotted with numerous endemic plant species that play a vital role in maintaining the park’s ecological balance. Beyond the simple joys of nature-watching, Parque Ecológico Llano Grande offers a plethora of activities for visitors of all ages including picnic areas, educational workshops and robust nature trails. For the best experience, visitors are advised to wear comfortable footwear, carry water, and remain respectful of the park’s guidelines, ensuring that they leave no trace behind

Jardines Llanogrande Mall

This is one of the more luxurious malls in Antioquia outside of Medellin. This mall offers a rather extensive Exito, which is not a large Exito as the ones in the malls of Medellin and Envigado, but it has all of the food options you will need to cook or put together a picnic meal to take with you. The mall also has several restaurants, the most popular restaurants are Parmesano and Pizza’s J&G, but there is also a rather popular Starbucks in the front of the mall. If fitness is what you’re looking for there is a rather large Bodytech situated in the mall as well

Horseback Riding

Traverse the undulating terrains of Llano Grande on horseback, a traditional mode of transportation that offers a unique perspective of the scenic beauty. This is often combined with the numerous trails that Llano Grande offers. You can find 2 major equine schools in the area which will gladly provide you with a guided tour of the surrounding mountains on horseback; Those are Equinox Stables and Escuela de Equitación Lusitania. Both offer well maintained facilities and horses that are very well cared for

Golfing at Llano Grande Country Club

Beautiful country club in the suburbs of Medellin. Polo fields, one of the few 18 hole golf courses in proximity to Medellin, a very nicely appointed pool, tennis courts, waterskiing lake, and many other outdoor play activities. If going to the pool is on your list make sure to to bring a swim cap for everyone and they ask that you use a waterproof sunblock. There is an onsite bar and restaurant which has excellent food and gin and tonics are their specialty

Los Salados Comfenalco Antioquia Ecological

A perfect place to enjoy with family and friends, it’s clean, there are restaurants, you can rent a BBQ place, there are kids area, hammocks, you can use a boat at the lake, bring your own tents, it’s dog friendly, and entry tickets are at good prices. They vary depending on the day you go. Weekends and holidays are almost 3 times more expensive. Prices are from 7k COP to 20k COP approx. This is not located in town, but approximately a 20 minute drive from the city center of Llano Grande

Restaurants & Dining

Llano Grande offers wide variety of places to eat from typical Colombian food to American style restaurants. Below is a list of our favorite restaurants in Llano Grande.

La Herencia Casa Club

Known for its traditional Colombian dishes, this restaurant offers a taste of authentic local flavors. This place has a great ambience, very good for children with lots of games and a big playground. The restaurant has an extensive meat selection including beef and chicken options as well as being one of the few places that offers lamb options. It’s well decorated, with several things to do like playing tejo, walking through the green outside and a big playground for children, although it is very crowded, you won’t feel comfortable at all

Rinconcito Llanero

A favorite among both locals and visitors, this spot serves up delightful pastries and desserts alongside a menu rich in Colombian specialties. Tradicional veal is the house specialty, however the other food offerings are great. Rinconcito Llanero is one of the few traditional restaurants to have an impressive amount of vegan and vegetarian options. The waitresses are very polite and helpful. The restaurant gets crowded on weekends, so visiting during the week is a better option as well as visiting for a very well appointed lunch.

Café VerdeMiel

If you’re a coffee aficionado, this is a must-visit. The café offers a selection of locally sourced and brewed coffee that perfectly encapsulates the flavors of the region. Cafe VerdeMiel is an experience in and of itself. It is worth it to relax for a while, eat delicious food around nature and paintings. This is an upscale coffee house with extremely fast wifi and a plethora of healthy food options along with several vegan options. The one thing that is a must tri is the cheese finger.

Where to Stay in LLano Grande

This municipality offers different activities for you to be in contact with Valle de Aburrá’s nature and local culture. Let’s explore some of the interesting things to do in this town.

Finca Hotel Santo Tomás

From the moment you arrive, you are greeted with a warm welcome by attentive and friendly staff. The cozy atmosphere and picturesque setting created the perfect setting for a relaxing escape. The rooms were spacious and comfortable, with a rustic decoration that enhanced the feeling of being immersed in nature. Every detail was carefully thought out, from the modern conveniences to the local touches that added to the authenticity of the experience. The well-kept gardens and nature trails provided a perfect place to walk and connect with nature. Also, the organized activities such as horseback riding and local excursions added a touch of adventure to any getaway.

MG Hotels

Good and cozy little hotel a little off the main road. Facilities are quiet and well appointed. The rooms are very well appointed, modern and clean. The onboard restaurant is very nicely decorated and welcoming. It’s an incredible spot for lunch which was well seasoned and has a very homemade feel to it. Friendly prices however desserts are quite expensive, but very delicious.

Hotel La Camelia

Situated closer to the town center, this hotel is a blend of modern amenities with traditional touches. A great option for those wanting to be in close proximity to Llano Grande’s attractions. It is a good hotel to spend the night and enjoy the city, ideal if you travel in your own vehicle because it has parking, they also offer breakfast included in the rate. This is an Ayenda hotel so it meets good quality standards. Very good service where all needs are attended to.

Getting to LLano Grande from Medellín

Barbosa is easily accessible from Medellín, making it a convenient day trip or weekend getaway. Let’s dive deeper into the various transportation methods available to you
Car: The most convenient way to reach Llano Grande is by car, which typically takes around 1 hour. From Medellín, head northeast towards Rionegro, and you’ll find signs directing you to Llano Grande. This will also include taxis or ride sharing programs such as DiDi, Cabify, Uber or InDriver. You will have 2 options to go with this, you can take the longer Las Palmas-Airport road, which is longer but much more scenic or if you want to get there faster you can choose the faster Tunel de Oriente to get there. Roads are well-maintained and signposted, making it a pleasant drive
Bus: Alternatively, take a bus from Medellín’s North Terminal to Rionegro. This will range from 22-28mil pesos. You can also take a more economical route by going to San Diego and taking the airport bus for 13mil pesos, then take the bus from the airport to the town center of Llano Grande. You can also take any number of the taxis at the airport to get to Llano Grande