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Edificio Ruta N

La Candelaria
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Cl. 52a #50-46
La Candelaria, Medellin

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7am - 6pm
Monday to Friday


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Edificio Ruta N: A Beacon of Innovation in Medellín

Inaugurated in 2012, Edificio Ruta N stands as a symbol of Medellín’s transition from a tumultuous past to a pioneering hub of technology and innovation in Latin America. As a cornerstone of Medellín’s strategy to foster innovation and diversify its economy, this center was birthed from a collaboration between the city and private entities, such as UNE EPM Telecomunicaciones. Positioned in Medellín’s dynamic urban landscape, Ruta N underscores the city’s resilience and vision, transforming challenges into avenues for knowledge-driven, sustainable growth.
Ruta N’s mission is straightforward, to promote the development of innovative technology-based businesses and most recently focusing on sustainable economic development in the region. The corporation is committed to nurturing Medellín as a globally competitive city, emphasizing innovation, business, and human capital

About the Architecture

Edificio Ruta N, located in Medellín, stands as a testament to contemporary design that seamlessly marries innovation with sustainability. Its architecture, characterized by a blend of glass, concrete, and greenery, is emblematic of the city’s drive toward technological advancement and sustainable urban development. The building’s façade, with its extensive use of large windows, not only provides an abundance of natural light to its interiors but also emphasizes openness, reflecting the collaborative essence of the institution. Furthermore, these windows, along with the building’s natural ventilation system, play a pivotal role in its energy efficiency, minimizing the need for artificial lighting and cooling.
The interior spaces of Ruta N are ingeniously designed to foster collaboration and adaptability. Open and modular, they can be reconfigured to meet the dynamic needs of startups, researchers, and businesses that call this innovation hub their home. Complementing the interiors, the outdoor terraces and spaces are adorned with local vegetation, reinforcing the building’s commitment to eco-friendliness and creating pockets of green respite. This meticulous design approach, which emphasizes both form and function, ensures that Edificio Ruta N is not just a building, but a symbol of Medellín’s aspirations as a global beacon for technology and sustainable design.

Facilities and Offerings

Architecturally, Edificio Ruta N is a modern marvel, designed with sustainable practices in mind. It hosts a plethora of spaces suitable for various purposes – from coworking zones and meeting rooms to state-of-the-art labs and auditoriums.

Impact on the Community

Edificio Ruta N has been instrumental in positioning Medellín as Latin America’s Silicon Valley. By fostering a culture of innovation and supporting startups, it has helped generate thousands of jobs and has contributed significantly to the city’s economy.
Furthermore, its emphasis on social innovation ensures that the solutions emerging from its precincts are not just commercially viable but also address the pressing challenges facing the community.

Getting There & Parking​

Taxi / Rideshare: Taking a taxi is easy and most Taxi drivers know where Ruta N is, or you can tell the driver to drop you off at Hospital Saint Vincent which is across from Ruta N
Bus: From Poblado, one of Medellín’s most well-known neighborhoods, reaching Edificio Ruta N by bus requires a basic understanding of the city’s bus routes.
  1. Start at the main avenue in Poblado, called Avenida El Poblado.
  2. There are several bus routes that travel from Poblado toward the center of the city. You can look for buses labeled with destinations like “Centro” or “San Diego”.
  3. Once you’re closer to the city center, you can transfer to a bus heading towards the Sevilla neighborhood where Ruta N is located.
  4. Buses that pass near or by Ruta N usually have it indicated on their route information displayed at the front of the bus. Alternatively, you can ask the bus driver or conductor if the bus passes by Ruta N to be sure.
  5. When approaching Ruta N, it’s good practice to inform the driver or conductor again so they can notify you when to disembark.
However, to make this journey more efficient and less complicated, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the city’s bus system Consider using a transportation app like Moovit, which provides real-time bus route information in Medellín and can guide you on the best routes to take from your starting
Car / Private Driver: If you’re driving to Edificio Ruta N, it’s situated in the north of Medellín in the Sevilla neighborhood. Most modern GPS systems or smartphone navigation apps should be able to guide you there directly using its address or name. There’s parking available on-site, but during peak times or events, it might be advisable to arrive early or consider nearby parking options.