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Iglesia San Joaquín

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Impressive Byzantine-style architecture

Iglesia San Joaquín is a beautiful Roman Catholic church located in the San Joaquín area of the Laureles-Estadio barrio in Medellín. It is a notable and historic church, known for its impressive Byzantine-style architecture, stained-glass windows, and religious artwork.
Reportedly the second largest church in Medellín, Iglesia San Joaquín was built in the early 1950s after parish priest Jorge González recognized the need for a church in the Los Libertadores neighborhood. Land for the church was donated by the Instituto de Crédito Territorial (ICT), and the local community raised funds through bazaars and other means to build the impressive church that stands today.
Inside Iglesia San Joaquín, visitors will be struck by the beautiful grey and brick interior, wooden pews, and three longitudinal naves. The church boasts many stunning stained-glass windows, designed by local artists, as well as numerous pieces of religious artwork.
One of the most striking features of Iglesia San Joaquín is its impressive organ, reportedly the second largest in Colombia. The church also has confessionals on both the right and left sides, as well as other religious artifacts.

The History of the Church

The history of the Church is intertwined with the history of Christianity itself, as it has evolved and transformed over the centuries. The earliest Christian churches were formed after the death of Jesus Christ, with the apostles spreading the word of Christ to various regions of the Roman Empire. Over time, Christianity became a major religion in the Roman Empire, and churches emerged as important centers of worship and community.
In the centuries that followed, the Christian church continued to evolve, with various theological and political disputes leading to the formation of different denominations. The Roman Catholic Church emerged as the dominant form of Christianity in Europe during the Middle Ages, with the papacy playing a major role in both spiritual and political affairs.
The history of Iglesia San Joaquín is just one example of how the Christian church has evolved and adapted over time. Founded in the mid-20th century in Medellín, Colombia, the church was the result of the efforts of a local community to build a place of worship for their neighborhood. The church was named after Saint Joachim, the father of the Virgin Mary, and became an important landmark in the community, eventually giving its name to the neighborhood itself.
The story of Iglesia San Joaquín is a testament to the enduring importance of the Christian church in providing a sense of community and spiritual guidance to people around the world. Despite the challenges and changes of the past two millennia, the Christian church remains a vital and dynamic institution that continues to shape the lives of millions of people today.

Getting There & Parking​

If you are looking to visit Iglesia San Joaquín, there are a few ways to get there. The church is located in the San Joaquín barrio of the Laureles-Estadio comuna in Medellín.
The nearest Medellín metro station to the church is Estadio station on Line B. From there, it is about a 15-minute walk to the church. Alternatively, you can take a taxi from the metro station to the church, which should cost the minimum fare of 5,500 pesos.
Another option to get to the church is by foot. If you happen to be in the Unicentro mall in Laureles, the church is only a 15-minute walk away.
If you are coming from elsewhere in the city, you can take a taxi directly to the church. Many taxi drivers will know where the large church is located, but if not, you can provide them with the address of the church below.
Once you have arrived at the church, it is relatively easy to catch a taxi on the streets near the church to return to your destination.
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