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Another Blow to Colombia’s Healthcare: Salud Bolivar EPS Exiting HealthCare

In a troubling development for Colombia’s healthcare system, Salud Bolivar, an EPS provider under the prominent Grupo Bolivar, has requested voluntary withdrawal from the health sector. With Sura EPS also seeking retirement, affiliates face uncertainty as the industry grapples with a potential crisis that could have far-reaching consequences for the nation.

Parque Lleras Removes Barricades: Is Nightlife going to be same?

The “embrace” of Parque Lleras has been lifted, but will the heart of Medellín’s nightlife beat freely once more? As the fences come down, authorities and the community grapple with striking a balance between security, commerce, and the soul of this iconic space.

Medellin Metro Now has Free WIFI

Medellín Metro has revolutionized the daily commute for millions by offering free Wi-Fi across Lines A and B, empowering users with digital access and bridging the gap between socioeconomic strata in the city.

End of Sex Tourism: Fico Cracks Down on Sex Offenders

Colombian immigration is cracking down on sex tourism by denying entry to registered sex offenders identified through the U.S. AngelWatch program. This past weekend, two Americans were turned away at the Rionegro airport after being flagged for prior sexual assault allegations. So far in 2023, AngelWatch helped Colombia identify 19 travelers as potential sexual predators. The measures follow outrage over an American caught sexually abusing minors in Medellín who was allowed to flee. Authorities vow zero tolerance, aiming to protect children and exclude any travelers posing unconscionable risks as sexual exploiters. While praised, activists urge continued vigilance against the thriving child sex tourism trade.

New Tranvia line added to the Medellin Metro System in 2024

The city of Medellin is expanding its metro system with the addition of a new Tranvia line in 2024. This new line will connect various areas of the city, providing safe, inexpensive, and easy navigation for residents and visitors. Overview of the Medellin Metro System The Medellin metro system is an essential part of the […]

Use Your Civica Card at The Medellin Airport for Buses

Are you planning a trip to Medellin and need a convenient way to get to the airport? Look no further! The Medellin Metro, in collaboration with Combuses, has introduced a new service that allows travelers to use their Civica card to travel between Medellin and the Jose Maria Cordova Airport in Rionegro. This partnership between […]

Medellin’s Transformation Under Fico’s Leadership

Federico “Fico” Gutierrez was just elected to be the Mayor of Medellin once again. He was previously the mayor of Medellin from 2016 until 2020. After 4 years of Daniel Quintero as the mayor, he ran again and was overwhelmingly re-elected to Medellin’s top office.  So many ask what can we as visitors here expect […]

Empower The Barrios: Transforming Lives in Medellin with Holiday Giving

With the holiday season approaching, the season of giving comes along with it. Many visitors here in Columbia are looking for ways to give back to the community. While there is great need, it appears difficult for most to volunteer in a way that makes a difference.  That hasn’t stopped Expat Steve Cha from helping […]