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Bancolombia Experiences Widespread Outage, Leaving Customers & Businesses Stranded

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If you have a Bancolombia account, and tried using the app or visiting an ATM over the long weekend, you will have noticed that the application was slow or not responding. If you needed cash and went to an ATM in the area, you’ll undoubtedly have been met with a long line and potentially only one working ATM in the area. 

This has plagued Colombia’s largest bank since around 11:55pm on Sunday June 2, 2024. I was greeted with a line of more than 15 people at the main branch in Cuidad del Rio this morning, and only one working ATM dispensing cash. 

A bank spokesperson stated that on Sunday the bank attempted to a patch to their servers and when they attempted to apply the patch, it caused for many of their servers to stop functioning, leaving many in the Medellin metro area without access to funds or any way to pay for goods and services. This has spilled over into anyone using their Bancolombia debit cards with any services such as Rappi as well. 

The bank’s spokesperson stated that they are diligently working on fixing the issues, and encourages anyone with a Bancolombia account to visit their nearest branch if they need to withdraw cash until the outage has been resolved. They anticipate the outage will be fixed by the end of day on June 4th, 2024.

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