A Taste of Philadelphia in Medellin: The Rise of Authentic Philly Cheesesteaks

No matter where you come from, chances are you’ve heard of the most famous food item to come from the city of Philadelphia: the Philly cheesesteak. While it consists of simple ingredients, the flavors combined are very unique, with a flavor all their own. There are many imposters who combine mediocre steak with cheese, bell […]

Medellin’s Best Internet Providers: An Insider’s Guide

As a digital nomad we’re all looking for the best Internet in Medellin. The topic of internet providers in Medellin is a very important one. There are some misconceptions of the internet here – The first of which is the internet infrastructure, which is finally on par with the United States and other Western countries. […]

The Dangerous Truth about Tinder in Medellin

Let’s have an honest discussion about Tinder in Medellin Are you considering visiting Medellin looking for romance? The United States Embassy has issued a warning specifically highlighting the risks associated with using dating apps like Tinder in Colombia, especially in Medellin. There have been rampant reports of druggings, robberies, and even suspicious deaths involving foreign […]

Medellin’s Transformation Under Fico’s Leadership

Federico “Fico” Gutierrez was just elected to be the Mayor of Medellin once again. He was previously the mayor of Medellin from 2016 until 2020. After 4 years of Daniel Quintero as the mayor, he ran again and was overwhelmingly re-elected to Medellin’s top office.  So many ask what can we as visitors here expect […]

Medellin Shopping Myth Unveiled: Pesos or Dollars?

This has been a debate for a while in the expat community, and I wanted to know as well. So, what better way to find out than just to do it. I wanted to make sure I was buying the exact same thing and have a control for each one. So what I did was […]

Empower The Barrios: Transforming Lives in Medellin with Holiday Giving

With the holiday season approaching, the season of giving comes along with it. Many visitors here in Columbia are looking for ways to give back to the community. While there is great need, it appears difficult for most to volunteer in a way that makes a difference.  That hasn’t stopped Expat Steve Cha from helping […]

Que Cuento Bar: Launch of a New Upscale Bar in Buenos Aires

There is no doubt that the social landscape has changed in the post-COVID world. People have become comfortable with staying in and even the most social people have become a little more introverted. This has spilled over into society. If you want to go out in Medellin, there are a multitude of options, but one […]

Rappi Turbo Down: When Will It Come Back Online?

Rappi, the top restaurant and grocery delivery platform in Latin America has started the busy December month with one of their top services not functioning in the Laureles/Estadio and Poblado Neighborhoods in Medellin. Rappi Turbo, the uber convenient, 10 minute delivery service has been temporarily suspended.  According to Robert, a Customer Service manager with Rappi […]

Scopalimine: A Real Life Story

This topic I want to discuss is very sensitive and deserves to be addressed with respect and dignity. I will editorialize a bit, but I want to keep it to a minimum. I’m discussing the dark element of tourism in Colombia, and a legitimate concern of many would-be tourists – getting drugged and robbe… You […]

Medellin ZipCode

If you have ever tried having something shipped to you here in Colombia, you’ve surely run into something very frustrating, the Colombian Zip Code system.  Here is a basic rundown of the zip codes in the valley, and we are even giving you a graphic to help with this. Structure of Medellin Zip Codes The […]

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