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Se Me Subió el Muerto

“Se Me Subió el Muerto” (The Dead Came Over Me) is a captivating horror podcast hosted by Iván Mendoza, Solin, and Quiroz at the Universidad de Medellín. With their unique storytelling style, the trio immerses listeners in spine-chilling paranormal stories and experiences that defy logic and reason. Each episode is filled with suspense and mystery, keeping audiences on the edge of their seats as they explore the unknown and the supernatural. Combining personal accounts and audience testimonies, “Se Me Subió el Muerto” promises an immersive experience that will leave horror enthusiasts with goosebumps.

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Entry Fee

130 mil

Date of Event
8 Jun 2024 - 8 Jun 2024

Universidad de Medellín

Time of Event
8 pm - 9 pm
Contact / Reserve

Universidad de Medellín

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