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Join us at Plaza Mayor in Medellín for the landmark event of the year, VAPE SOUTH AMERICA, brought to you by the pioneering Alternative Products Expo. This year’s expo is set to redefine the vaping scene as the biggest gathering of vape aficionados. With a fresh perspective aimed at boosting the vaping industry, this event is your gateway to an unmatched experience.

Dive into an innovative world at VAPE SOUTH AMERICA, where groundbreaking products await discovery and opportunities to connect with industry frontrunners abound. This expo is more than a meeting point; it’s a launching pad for brands aiming for the zenith, offering extensive networking prospects and a chance to skyrocket your business within the nation’s largest vape industry event.

About Alternative Products Expo: Initiated in 2017 as Vape Conventions, then evolving into USA CBD EXPO, and now thriving as Alternative Products Expo since 2021, we’ve mirrored the industry’s evolution with our dynamic transformation. AltPro transcends the traditional trade show format, presenting a vibrant showcase of the counterculture industry’s present and future offerings.

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Date of Event
18 May 2024 - 19 May 2024
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Plaza Mayor

Time of Event
12 pm - 6 pm
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Plaza Mayor

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