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Los Molinos Mall

Belen, Medellín
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Calle 30A #82A-26
Medellín, Belén


10am - 9pm
Monday to Saturday

11am - 8pm

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Cine Colombia

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Located in the Belén comuna in Medellín, Centro Comercial Los Molinos stands as the first large mall in the neighborhood. Belén. Belén is the largest comuna in Medellín and has a population of over 194,000 residents. Yet, until 2006, it lacked a Western-style shopping mall. Los Molinos mall is strategically located, just five blocks away from the Universidad de Medellín, one of the city’s prominent educational institutions. It’s also easily accessible by various public transportation options.

The History of Centro Comercial Los Molinos

The history of Centro Comercial Los Molinos is one of community-driven development. In 2004, a consortium of companies comprising Viviendas y Proyectos, Muros y Techos, and Londono Gómez started a mission to bring a Western-style mall to the western neighborhoods of Medellín. This endeavor sought to cater to the needs of over 600,000 residents in this region who lacked convenient access to a nearby mall.
On May 10, 2006, Centro Comercial Los Molinos welcomed its first visitors, the result of an investment totaling nearly 35 billion pesos. Over the years, the mall expanded several times, with the last expansion completed in October 2011.

The Shops at Los Molinos

Centro Comercial Los Molinos a shopping destination with an impressive array of shops and businesses. This mall hosts a mix of anchor tenants, small boutiques, and essential services, ensuring that shoppers can find everything they desire under one roof. Let’s talk more about the various anchor tenants that stand out the most

Banking Convenience

For financial services, Los Molinos mall houses various banks, making it a convenient stop for your banking needs. The banks include AV Villas, Bancolombia, Banco de Bogotá, BBVA, and Davivienda.

Alkomprar: For Your Electronics Needs

Alkomprar can be likened to a condensed version of a Best Buy in the U.S. or a store like Mediamarkt in Europe, offering a diverse selection of electronics and appliances. Here, you’ll find an assortment of items ranging from appliances and audio equipment, to cellphones, computers, televisions, mattresses, and even motorcycles.
What makes Alkomprar stand out is the amount of enticing sales they have, often prominently advertised in fliers. You can easily pick up these fliers in the store, and sometimes, you’ll encounter friendly staff handing them out within the mall. Alternatively you can check out their website to find some good deals.

Exito Supermarket

Exito is the most prominent supermarket chain in Colombia. They offer a comprehensive shopping experience akin to a Walmart in the U.S. At the Exito in Los Molinos you can find an extensive array of products including appliances, electronics, clothing, home furnishings, and kitchen items.
For frequent shoppers at Exito and Carulla, the Puntos Colombia program is a rewarding option. Formerly known as Puntos Exito, this frequent shopper program allows you to accumulate points with every purchase, which can be redeemed for future shopping endeavors. It essentially offers a 1 percent cashback in the form of points. You earn 1 punto for every 700 pesos in purchases, with each punto valued at 7 pesos.

Cine Colombia: The Movie Theatre

Cine Colombia in Los Molinos Mall is a movie theatre with seven big screens, situated on the third floor. Here, moviegoers can enjoy the magic of cinema, with occasional showings of English-language films accompanied by Spanish subtitles. However, the majority of the movies they show cater to Spanish-speaking audiences.
Cine Colombia is the largest movie theater chain in Colombia, with a staggering 43 theaters spread across 13 cities in the country. Within the Medellín metro area alone, Cine Colombia has a presence in six different malls, including Los Molinos, Oviedo, Santafé, Unicentro, Viva Envigado, and Vizcaya. Cine Colombia offers the Cineco frequent moviegoer card. With this card, users earn one point for every 1,500 pesos spent at Cine Colombia, which can then be redeemed for movie tickets and food or drinks.


If you don’t find what you’re looking for in Homecenter, you’ll be glad to know that Los Molinos Mall is also home to Jamar, a store that offers an expansive array of furniture and frequently entices shoppers with great sales. What makes Jamar stand out is that at their store you have the opportunity to transform your living spaces with ease, because they offer the possibility of purchasing entire rooms of furniture, making home decorating an easy job.
Jamar extends its presence beyond Los Molinos Mall, with two additional stores in Medellín. You can find the other Jamar stores in Mayorca mall and Florida Parque mall.

Jamar: More Furnutire

The Homecenter within the mall serves as a multifaceted store for all things home-related. It’s similar to a Home Depot in the U.S. Homecenter seamlessly combines all elements of home improvement, catering to homeowners and decorators alike. Whether you’re looking to buy brand new furniture or simple decorations for your house, Homecenter will have you covered.

Panamericana: Beyond Books

Panamericana is a renowned chain of large bookstores in Colombia. Their stores offer a diverse range of products, including office supplies, computers, printers, and much more. For those seeking English-language books, Panamericana has you covered, ensuring that even international readers can find what they are looking for.
In Medellín, Panamericana has two locations. One can be found in the heart of El Poblado, just across from the Oviedo mall. The second store is this one, the one in Centro Comercial Los Molinos.


When it comes to dining options, Centro Comercial Los Molinos has a classic food court just like you’re used to seeing in the malls in your home country. With over 20 fast food establishments and restaurants, there’s something for everybody.

Fast Food Restaurants

The second floor of Los Molinos Mall hosts a food court, where you can choose between numerous fast food choices. Satisfy your cravings with familiar favorites like Burger King, Dunkin’ Donuts, Frisby, El Corral, Kokoriko, McDonald’s, Sarku Japan, and Subway. Whether you’re hungry for a juicy burger, a classic sub, or a tasty donut, you’ll find these popular chains ready to serve up your favorites.

Sit-Down Restaurants

For those seeking a more relaxed dining experience, the mall’s third floor offers a selection of restaurants that offer a wide range of options. Here you will find well known restaurant chains such as Chef Burger, Crepes & Waffles, El Rancherito, Il Forno, Parmessano, and Pizzería Olivia. From tasty burgers and gourmet pizza to crepes and Colombian specialties, these restaurants offer it all.

Location Hours

Store Hours

Monday to Saturday: 10am  to 9pm
Sunday & Holidays: 11am to 8pm

Getting to Centro Comercial Los Molinos

Getting to Centro Comercial Los Molinos is a straightforward affair, with several convenient transportation options at your disposal. Let’s go over them quickly.
Metro:  The most efficient way to reach the mall is via the Medellín Metro system. Begin your journey by taking Line A of the metro and transferring at the Industriales station. From there, you can seamlessly access Line 1 and Line 2 of the Metroplús tram system, which will transport you to the Los Alpes Metroplús bus station, located just a few blocks away from the mall.
Taxi / Uber:  For those who prefer the comfort and convenience of taxis, rest assured that most taxi drivers in Medellín are familiar with the mall’s location. Simply hail a taxi, and you’ll find that Los Molinos is a well-known destination. The mall frequently has a line of taxis waiting on both sides, making it easy to secure a ride to or from the mall, ensuring a stress-free transportation experience.
Bus: If you opt for the bus, Medellín’s comprehensive public transportation system has you covered. Numerous bus routes traverse the city, with many passing by or near Los Molinos Mall. Consult local bus schedules and routes to identify the most convenient option depending on your location.