Santa Fe Mall


Carrera 25A # 1A Sur - 45
Poblado, Medellin


10am - 9pm
Tuesday to Saturday

10am - 8pm

11am - 8pm
Sunday and Holidays

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Medellin's Largest Mall





Food Courts


Kids Area






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Santafé mall is an excellent option if you want to go shopping. It is one of the most modern and complete options in the city. Here you will find fashion shops like Zara to technology stores like the official Apple seller in Colombia. Also, here is Falabella, a popular department store.

Brief History

It is a very nice experience to walk through the mall and see the owners that walk with their dogs. You can walk inside the mall with your dog or cat and enjoy a very pleasant experience for both. Sometimes they install a playground for pets inside the mall so they can have fun with other animals. Also, here you will also find a couple of stores focused on animal products.
In this mall, there is an exchange office where you can exchange money if you need it. There are also other options near the mall such as Western Union where you can also receive or exchange money to pay for your purchases. Because this mall is located in El Poblado, you can easily get there from other tourist places or go from there to visit them.

Stores You Must Visit

Santafé has a large catalog of stores that will surely interest you. Not only there are well-known international stores, but you will also find national stores full of Colombian talent that you would not find in other parts of the world, which makes it a more exclusive experience.
Among its wide variety of stores, there are the official stores of brands such as Nike, Adidas, and Converse. As for fashion, you can visit Pull & Bear, Bershka, Forever 21, Zara, Carolina Herrera, and Colombian options such as Karibik, Studio F, Tennis, Leonisa, Agua Bendita, and more.
Falabella is a huge department store in Santafé and this chain is the largest in South America. It is also present in countries such as Argentina, Chile, Peru, and Mexico. They sell tech items, household products, jewelry, clothing, and accessories, many of them from international brands. Something attractive about this store is that they continually have offers focused on different departments or customers. Every time you make a purchase, be sure to check your invoice and see if they gave you a discount for your next purchase since it is something usual.

Restaruants & Dining

Whether you are looking for traditional food, fast food, or a well-known food chain, you can find everything in its food court. There are even various options that can adjust to any budget because there is McDonald’s but also more private restaurants with à la carte food.

Fast Food Restaurants

You can find a bunch of options of restaurants on the top floor from Japanese, Fried Chicken (KFC, Frisbies), Seafood, Typical Colombian Food, etc.. The top floor is typically fast food restaurants. 


You can find McDonalds on the 4th Floor near SmartFit. This McDonalds doesn’t service for breakfast items, but you can find your favorite food items. There’s a kid playground area in the McDonalds to allow your kids to have fun, while you’re having lunch or your favorite snack


Starbucks is located on 3rd floor or next to one of the entrances of the mall. It’s a nice spot to enjoy a Coffee and Snack and do some work on your computer. Since its near the exit, there’s a nice cool cross breeze or fresh air that passes by. 

Location Hours

Store Hours

Monday to Saturday: 10am  to 9pm
Sunday and holidays 11am to 8pm

Resraurants & Food Court

Daily: 12pm – 9pm

Getting There & Parking​

Metro: Although there is no metro station close to the Santafé mall, you can get to the Aguacatala station and then take the bus 130-I. Using Google Maps you can also walk from the Aguacatala station to the mall and it will take you approximately 10 minutes.

From Parque Berrío, use route 130: ‘El Poblado’.
From the Alpujarra (Calle 41), take route 132: ‘El Poblado – Exito’.
From the San José Church, use route 135: ‘Poblado – Campestre’.
From Laureles, take route 304: ‘Comercial Hotelera Derecha’.

Car: You can take El Poblado avenue and get to calle 9 sur. The mall has parking with several levels and also a parking lot for bicycles. You can also find taxis outside.

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