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Jerico, Antioquia
3 hours from Medellin
110km ( 68 miles)


Average 25c (75f)

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Jerico, Medellin's Best Kept Secret

Jerico is a town located in the heart of the Antioquia region, a few hours drive away from the city of Medellin. With its green mountains, charming colonial architecture, and a rich cultural heritage, Jerico offers travelers an unforgettable experience that often remains a well-kept secret.
Maintaining its heritage and appearance is important to this town. Believe it or not, it’s a town law that every home must be painted with at least three different colors! Any building in the central area is forbidden from making any change or renovation to the exterior of the building.

History and Religion of Jerico

A town since 1850, Jerico is one of the 17 official historical towns of Colombia, also known as the Pueblos Patrimonios. Jerico is also the birthplace of Colombia’s first saint, Sister Saint Laura Montoya, who was born there in 1874. This woman was an important spiritual teacher who worked with indigenous people, giving love and bringing Christ’s teaching. When you visit Jerico, Colombia, you can explore her home and convent at Carrera 3 and Calle 8.
If you like churches, you have a choice among 17 churches within this small town of only 8000 residents. The churches are a great place to explore for people interested in religion and history.. The most impressive is Catedral Virgen de las Mercedes in the main town square. The churches in Jerico ring their bells every 15 minutes, all day and all night.

Things To Do in Jerico

Whether you seek outdoor adventures amidst breathtaking landscapes, cultural immersion in the heart of the town, or a deep dive into history and art, Jerico offers a plethora of activities to keep you busy and entertained for several days. From the natural wonders in the surrounding mountains to the cultural and architectural beauties within the town. Jerico promises a journey that makes a lasting impression. So, let’s delve into the different kinds of experiences that make Jerico a destination like no other.

Paragliding in Jerico

For the thrill-seekers, Jerico offers paragliding adventures at the Mirador Natural Puerto Arturo. This lookout point provides not only an opportunity for paragliding but also incredible views of the Cerro Tusa and Cerro Bravo mountains, along with the neighboring coffee towns of Fredonia and Santa Barbara. It’s a chance to soar through the skies and witness Jerico’s natural beauty from a different perspective.

Local Farmer Culture

The area of Jerico is comprised of many surrounding villages in the hills around the main town. Many of the families are coffee, fruit, and vegetable farmers. It’s not a surprise to see farmers trotting into town on their horses with sacks of fruits and vegetables for sale, and roping their horses in front of a bar and restaurant for a quick bite and a drink.

A Town Passionate About Art

Jerico and its citizens are very passionate about the arts and creativity, and it highly encourages participation. All around the year, there are cultural activities and events happening here. The museums and galleries are either free or require only a small donation, and anyone can take art, pottery workshops, or drama classes for free. Jerico is also home to notable Colombian painters and artisans.

Discovering the Natural Wonders of Jerico, Colombia

Located amidst the green mountains of Antioquia, the town of Jerico is not only culturally historic, but also a paradise for nature enthusiasts. With its many hiking trails and breathtaking viewpoints, it is a must-visit town for every nature lover out there. Let’s dive deeper into the various beautiful landscapes this area has to offer.

Hiking Adventures to Miradores (Lookout Points)

Jerico and its surroundings consist of several areas that offer breathtaking views of the green farmlands that stretch as far as the eye can see. Some of these miradores are accessible by a short taxi or tuk-tuk ride, with the added adventure of finding your way back on foot. Here are a couple of notable lookout points:

Parque Cerro Las Nubes This park offers a fantastic morning hike above the city. The northwest edge of town provides access to several trails leading to an expansive field and park where you can picnic and wander around. The vistas of the town and the nearby Cerro Tusa mountain are simply sensational.

Morro El Salvador Another hiking destination that promises panoramic views of Jerico Antioquia is Morro El Salvador. This hill is easily recognized by a towering Christ Statue that overlooks the town. You can choose to walk up the road, take a cab, or follow the scenic path through the botanical gardens at the back. The views from Morro El Salvador are stunning to say the least.

Mirador Natural la Soledad A 20-minute drive out of town followed by a 45-minute walk back will reward you with captivating views of the area.

Mirador Natural la Mama Another stunning lookout point, about a 15 minute drive out of town, awaits those who seek a short 30-minute walk back.

While there used to be a cable car system in Jerico, like the town of Jardín, it is currently non-operational due to high maintenance costs. However, hiking to these miradores allows you to immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Jerico

Hiking to Beautiful Waterfalls

If you’re looking for more extensive hiking and a chance to witness cascading waterfalls, Jerico offers options for that too. You could consider booking a guided tour to explore these natural wonders or you can decide to go on an adventure without a guide. These are the most captivating waterfalls you will find around Jerico:

Humedal de Montaña La Cascada: Located between Jerico and Tarso, this area offers a unique blend of mountainous terrain and cascading waterfalls

Chorros De Quebradona: Just 5 kilometers from town, you’ll find waterfalls, forests, and natural pools. It’s a 1.5 hour walk or a 30-minute taxi ride to reach this beautiful paradise

Botanical Gardens

Los Balsos Botanical Gardens offer a delightful escape into nature, and the best part is that entrance is entirely free. Located at the base of Morro El Salvador, these gardens feature bridges, small fish ponds, manicured landscapes, bamboo forests, and stone pathways. It’s the perfect place for a leisurely morning or afternoon stroll amidst the serene beauty of Jerico’s flora.

The Carriel Bag

The carriel bag is a man’s leather bag, only made in this town. The bag looks like a saddlebag, yet it is a very intricate bag made with multiple pockets created in leather, rawhide, black Patton, and fur. Traditionally worn by men, it’s a symbol of the Paisa culture. Nowadays, businessmen all over Colombia use them, and small handbag versions are made for women. You can visit one of the many workshops in Jericó, and the craftsmen would be happy to show you their work, and even offer you options to make one of your own.

Restaurants & Drinks

Jerico, often lovingly referred to as “Jeri-gordo” (gordo means fat in Spanish), is a paradise for food enthusiasts. The town offers a range of local treats and dining establishments that will leave you wanting more.
One option is to purchase wine and cookies directly from the nuns at a local convent. These homemade cookies are very traditional to the region and a good way to experience the town’s heritage.
Another one of Jerico’s specialties is the famous seven-layered cake, known as Postre Jericoano. With its layers of fruit, sponge cake, and a touch of rum, this dessert offers a symphony of flavors that will leave you craving more.
Furthermore, Jerico is known for its cultivation and production of high-grade cardamom. This aromatic, savory spice grown in a pod is available everywhere in Jericó, even in candy. This is a unique flavor! You can sample these candies at the small gift shop in El Saturia Café.
When it comes to enjoying a refreshing drink or a perfectly brewed cup of coffee, Jerico has no shortage of options. There are many local cafes where you can enjoy a freshly brewed tinto. Many with nice views alongside the river.

How To Get To Jerico Antioquia

Getting to Jerico is a journey that is both easy and convenient. Let’s explore the various transportation options available. Assuming you will start your journey in Medellin, you need to take these steps to get to Jerico.

Bus: Head to Terminal del Sur and catch a bus or collectivo (shared van) that operates under the Trans Jerico bus line. This fleet offers a range of comfortable vehicles, from buses to vans and cars. The quickest route takes you through Bolombolo, and the journey should take approximately 2.5 hours. To save time, make sure you board the “directo” bus; otherwise, you may make an additional stop in Fredonia, adding another 30 minutes to your travel time.

It’s important to mention that Jerico is experiencing positive changes with the completion of a highway, which was expected in 2020. This highway is set to significantly reduce travel time from Medellin to just two hours. Therefore, now is the perfect time to visit this hidden gem in Jerico, Antioquia.

Private Driver: If you’re looking for a luxurious and convenient way to reach Jerico from Medellin, private transportation services are readily available. These services offer a range of vehicles, including comfortable cars, vans, and even small buses, depending on your group size and preferences.

One notable advantage of private transportation is flexibility. You can choose your departure time and pick-up location, making it a tailored experience to suit your schedule. This is particularly convenient if you have a group or specific travel requirements. Of course, opting for this method will not be as affordable as traveling by bus.