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Sabaneta, Antioquia
25 min from Poblado
14 km( 9 miles)


Average 26c (78f)

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Sabaneta is located in the south of the Aburrá valley between Envigado and Itagüí, just south of Medellin. Sabaneta is a unique destination known for its charming neighborhoods and traditional-style restaurants and tiendas. Let’s talk about what to do, how to get there, what to see, and the best time to visit.

A Brief History of Sabaneta

Sabaneta’s story begins with its initial inhabitants, the Anaconas, indigenous people crossing over from the other side of the Aná mountains. They established their homes on the eastern slopes of Aburra Valley, starting from the Pan de Azúcar hill. In 1750, families of Spanish origin began to settle in this area, forever changing its landscape. The Montoya, Restrepo, Vélez, Díaz, Díez, Vásquez, Guzmán, Garcés, Baena, Salazar, Mejía, Mesas, Álvarez, and Soto families constituted the second wave of settlers in this region.
Sabaneta was officially established as a corregimiento (a sub-municipal administrative division) of Envigado On October 25, 1964, the creation of Sabaneta as a municipality was promoted by the Society of Public Improvements. On this date, the Pro-Municipality Board was formed with civic leaders from the region. After completing the necessary procedures, 1967 arrived, and on November 30, the Antioquia Departmental Assembly enacted Ordinance No. 7, officially establishing Sabaneta as a municipality, which came into effect on January 1, 1968.

Things to Do in Sabaneta

Sabaneta may be a relatively small municipality, but it’s packed with unique and exciting activities for visitors to enjoy. Whether you’re a food lover, nature enthusiast, or culture explorer, Sabaneta has something for everyone. Here are some of the top things to do during your visit:

Visit Sabaneta Park

Sabaneta Park is the heart of traditional pueblo life and a must-visit destination. Here, you can immerse yourself in the local culture and enjoy street food. Be sure to arrive on an empty stomach and indulge in delights like Chunchurria, empanadas de carne, bandeja paisa or cazuelita de frijoles, papa sucia or obleas con arequipe y queso.

Casa de la Cultura

Dive into local history and culture by visiting Casa de la Cultura, a residence with enchanting gardens. Inside, you’ll discover art sculptures and traditional architecture, providing a unique perspective on Sabaneta’s heritage.

Sabaneta Library

If you’re interested in knowledge and culture, Sabaneta Library is an excellent stop. It houses over 12,000 books and offers free Wi-Fi. Additionally, there’s a co-working space equipped with computer tables for digital nomads.

Hike to Ecological Park La Romera

Nature enthusiasts will love the opportunity to hike to La Romera, an ecological reserve. The approximately two-hour trek takes you through forests and offers breathtaking views of the Aburrá Valley. It’s a refreshing escape from the busy city life.

Getting to Sabaneta

Whether you’re a traveler looking to explore the streets of Sabaneta or an expat looking to explore more outside of Medellin, there are several transportation options to help you reach Sabaneta conveniently. Let’s explore the various options together.
Metro: One of the easiest and most convenient ways to reach Sabaneta from Medellin is by using the Medellin Metro system. Start by making your way to any metro station within the city. The metro has an extensive network, and you can catch it from various locations. Board Line A (color-coded as blue) of the metro, heading south towards Sabaneta. Get off once you arrive at the Sabaneta metro station.
Local Bus: If you prefer a more direct route or need to travel to specific locations within Sabaneta, public buses are another viable option. The city has an extensive network of public buses that can take you to various locations across Sabaneta. While public buses are a cost-effective way to reach Sabaneta, they can be crowded and less comfortable than the metro.
Taxi / Rideshare: Taxis are readily available throughout Medellin, and you can use them to travel to Sabaneta. Simply flag down a taxi on the street or find one at designated taxi stands. Be sure to clarify your destination within Sabaneta if you have a specific location in mind. The same goes for any ride sharing apps like Uber or InDrive.