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Google Opens New Office in Medellín to Foster Innovation and Collaboration

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Google Cloud, the cloud computing division of tech giant Alphabet Inc., has opened a new office in the El Poblado neighborhood of Medellín, Colombia. The office is intended to serve as an “innovation and collaboration hub, where companies, academics and professionals can work together” to leverage Google’s technology offerings.

Juan Pablo Consuegra, Country Manager of Google Cloud Colombia, emphasized the importance of Medellín, stating, “Medellín contributes more than 20% of the country’s GDP and is home to Colombia’s largest clients, such as Sura, Línea Directa, Coordinadora and Grupo Nutresa. It is a very relevant economic center.” He also highlighted the city’s potential, noting, “The potential of Medellín with its innovation ecosystem is enormous. The mayor’s investments and bets on entrepreneurship and projects like Ruta N are significant.”

Google Cloud is also focused on education and developing local talent. Eduardo López, president of Google Cloud Latin America, mentioned, “We are also interested in education, being close to faculties and universities in Medellín. We have training programs for students, teachers and researchers, offering free licenses to learn Google Cloud.” The company has programs at the University of Antioquia, EAFIT, and the University of Medellín.

Consuegra expressed hope that the new office will positively impact the city’s technological development, saying, “We hope that in Medellín they see Google Cloud as a close partner and a great opportunity for innovation and transformation processes. We want to accompany you on this path, offering the best technology and support.” He also emphasized Google’s commitment to developing talent and offering better job opportunities through job fairs and partnerships.

Will This Help Grow The Economy in Medellin?

The opening of Google’s new office in Medellín is likely to have a positive impact on the city’s economy. As a global technology leader, Google’s presence can attract more tech companies and startups to the area, fostering innovation and creating new jobs. The company’s focus on education and talent development will also help bolster the local workforce, providing opportunities for students and professionals to gain valuable skills in cloud computing and other cutting-edge technologies.

Moreover, Google’s collaboration with local universities and businesses can lead to the development of new products, services, and solutions that address the specific needs of the region. This, in turn, can drive economic growth and competitiveness. As Medellín continues to establish itself as a hub for technology and innovation, the presence of companies like Google will play a crucial role in sustaining and accelerating this growth trajectory.

Editor’s Notes

Let’s take it back a notch.. El Colombiano interviewed the manager and made the article sound like they ACTUALLY have an office here in Medellin. It’s technically a remote office, with a few team members working for Google. The office is located in WeWork in Poblado. I wouldn’t really call that an Office. Google is dipping their toes in Medellin to see if there talent is worth it here. Hopefully, they like Medellin and decide to move in. But at the moment lets just assume they’re renting more like a hotel room. I hope the mayor doesn’t screw this up. This could mean a lot of jobs for people in Medellin.

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