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Medellin ZipCode

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If you have ever tried having something shipped to you here in Colombia, you’ve surely run into something very frustrating, the Colombian Zip Code system. 

Here is a basic rundown of the zip codes in the valley, and we are even giving you a graphic to help with this.

Structure of Medellin Zip Codes

The zip code system in Colombia is numerical and follows a specific structure. Medellin zip codes typically consist of six digits. The first two digits represent the department of Antioquia, to which Medellin belongs. The next two digits signify the specific municipality or district within Medellin. Finally, the last two digits indicate the local post office or delivery zone.

For example, a zip code starting with “05” denotes the department of Antioquia. The next two digits, such as “01,” could represent the central area of Medellin. The final two digits identify the specific post office or zone in that region.


El Poblado: 050022 to 050024
Laureles-Estadio: 050031 to 050033
Belén: 050010 to 050013
Guayabal: 050035 to 050038
Aranjuez: 050003 to 050006


Niquía: 051050 to 051053
Zamora: 051055 to 051058
Bello Centro: 051001 to 051004


Envigado Centro: 055420 to 055422
El Dorado: 055430 to 055432
San Rafael: 055440 to 055442


Sabaneta Centro: 055450 to 055452
La Doctora: 055455 to 055458


Itagüí Centro: 055410 to 055412
Ditaires: 055415 to 055418
Santa María: 055420 to 055422

These will act as a Zip Code or postal code in other countries. If you are looking for the exact zip code in your area, we have created an infographic of the zip codes in the Medellin Metro Area. 

If you still have questions and you are staying in a building with a front desk, you may also ask for the delivery code at the end of the zip code that corresponds with your neighborhood.

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